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>>> I wiped out the Mac OS and I loaded Vista on my Machine, and was looking
>>> for
>>> some feedback as how to access that directory.
>>> I'm sorry Mr. Furlong I was not being clear.
>>> Tony

>> Not being clear is par for the course of being a Windoze user.

> Pardon my misunderstanding but what difference does it make if I am
> running windows or a Mac OS.?
> Tony

You seem to be new here. You shouldn't speak to Chance Furlong, AKA Jimmy
Lee Jr, AKA Hamster Boy. He's a Felcher who likes to stuff gerbils up his
poop chute.

He is the "village idiot" of CSMA.

That's different than being "the biggest proven self proclaimed asshole
here" That honor belongs to cc, AKA, MR..