Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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> Open Source You Can Use, August '08 Edition
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> | It's high time for another roundup of open source software you can use, the
> | close-of-August-2008 version. This time around: chatting, publishing, and
> | content management.
> |
> | Just out this week is a new version (2.5) of the multimessenger chat client
> | Pidgin -- not a major release, but it fixes some stability issues on Windows.
> | I've been using the PortableApps edition for the sake of convenience, since I
> | can synchronize it effortlessly between my home machine and my notebook.
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He mentions three apps: Pidgin, Scribus, and Movable Type. All three
are cross-platform.

Cross-platform development is starting to be recognized as best practice
for FLOSS. We will see Linux-only desktop and mobile apps either die,
stagnate, or adapt so as to permit practical usage on Mac, Windows, and