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Sun's OMS Video codec project is a means to an end

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| Sun Microsystems is setting out to create an open source, royalty-free video
| codec. Given the considerable head start of well-known, royalty-free video
| codecs like Dirac and Theora, you might ask why the world needs another. The
| answer, according to Sun, is the process the company will use to develop
| it -- starting with a full-on, careful examination of the patent situation.
| [...]
| I see evidence of the FUD campaign that Glidden describes whenever I read the
| discussion threads attached to news story about codecs: Fear that developers
| (or even users) will get sued for patent infringement. Uncertainty about what
| patents exist and whether it is even possible to know. Doubt that new ideas
| or patent-unencumbered ideas could ever match the patented, for-profit
| products.
| Regardless of whether OMS Video bests H.264 technically or ever makes a dent
| in the MPEG-LA's market share, this initiative from Sun is important to watch
| because the development process is a counterattack against the
| it's-not-worth-trying mindset. That mindset is costing consumers millions of
| dollars a year in licensing fees, and it has a chilling effect on new work.


It was Nokia (former Microsoft employee) and Apple that FUDed Ogg out of HTML5.
Sadly for these monopolists, Firefox embraced Ogg regardless!


Summer of Code: Ogg Theora Port

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| Porting open, patent free codecs to our devices has always been of great
| interest to neuros and many of our users. As some of you Neuros old timers
| may recall, we were the first to port the Ogg Vorbis audio codec to a
| portable HDD audio player. Now it's time, hopefully, to do the same with the
| Ogg Theora video codec.


Sun Tackles Video Codec

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| Looking to boost the Web, Sun is working on a royalty-free and open video
| codec and media system, company officials said Thursday afternoon.
| [...]
| Currently, proprietary solutions are relied on, such as Adobe's Flash or
| royalty-bearing specifications like H.264, Glidden said.
| OMS is a recent project. Asked about the availability of OMS technologies,
| Glidden said, "Stay tuned. I have no announcements on any commercial
| implementations or time frame."



Worlds first high performance Dirac video codec implementation available

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| Thanks to collaboration with the Xiph.org foundation there is an official
| mapping for putting Dirac video into the Ogg container format underway, and
| the Schrödinger project also hosts a proposal for mapping Dirac into the
| popular MPEG-TS container format, which is currently being considered for
| certification by the MPEG working group. We expect to see and provide
| mappings for a lot more container formats in due course.

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