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Reading SFLC's GPL Compliance Guide

,----[ Quote
| IANAL, but the GPL Compliance Guide I cited from is prepared for the Software
| Freedom Law Center by Bradley M. Kuhn, Aaron Williamson, and Karen M.
| Sandler, the last two of them being lawyers. I suppose they know what they
| mean.
| Unless I am unable to understand the intricacies of the American legal
| system, SFLC's GPL Compliance Guide just proves Novell guilty for not making
| available ALL the sources to ANYONE who might own the corresponding binaries.
| You can't build a "community enterprise Linux" out of SLED/SLED the same way
| you can build it out of RHEL's sources, because you can't have security
| updates. This being said, SLED/SLED is open-source... only on paper. As an
| acknowledgment of this hypocritical behavior of Novell, Microsoft has now
| agreed to buy $100m more worth of SLES coupons. Do you still wonder why?



Novell congratulates itself for snogging Microsoft

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| Novell wants you to know that selling its soul to Steve Ballmer was a really
| good idea.
| On the last day of 2007, two separate Novell execs tossed up blog posts
| congratulating themselves for agreeing to that "interoperability partnership"
| with Microsoft, a year-old deal intent on forcing an unholy relationship
| between Linux and Windows.


Is it Microsoft + Novell or Microsoft vs. Novell?

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| Actually, this is very surprising. I've started to notice a trend in all the
| announcements the two companies have made over the past year: Novell stresses
| interoperability while Microsoft beats its drum on patent protection.
| [...]
| I wonder how long Microsoft will continue its efforts to try to cast the deal
| as about IP. It's not for Novell, it seems to me now. Microsoft did the deal
| to hurt Linux - there's no other explanation for it. It has no fiduciary duty
| to enable a competitor (unless its a weaker competitor against the Linux
| market leader, Red Hat). It has a fiduciary duty to kill that competitor.


Novell expands Microsoft alliance with China deal

,----[ Quote ]
| Because Linux software is available free of charge, many Chinese businesses
| use it without paying. These companies miss out on the service, support, and
| upgrades that companies like Novell can provide. By encouraging Chinese firms
| to pay for Linux, Microsoft is helping Novell tap a valuable revenue stream. *



Novell uses Microsoft FUD to market itself

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| That these claims also could be taken to mean that Novell is developing a
| non-standard Linux, one that is skewed only towards working with Windows,
| appears to have escaped Novell.
| In other words, Novell has an "in" with Microsoft which Red Hat does not;
| Utah and Redmond are in bed together and Red Hat is an intruder.

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