Polandís Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) claims
that selling laptops with obligatorily preinstalled Microsoft's
Windows operating system constitutes a monopolistic practice and is
restrictive to competition....

The investigation, instigated in December 2007, as a result of many
complaints filed with the UOKiK by Polish consumers, has revealed that
breaching antimonopoly principles in commonplace among computer
hardware and software producers.

"[Consumers] complained that they could not make their own choice of
an operating system when buying a laptop", Malgorzata Cieloch, UOKiK's
Spokesperson has told Gazeta Wyborcza.


The guys with suitcases full of cash (Euros, please, no crummy
dollars) are leaving this afternoon.

If that doesn't work, the guys with the tire irons are leaving next.