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Blatantly Supporting Linux. Sort of.

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| And they say there are too many Linuxes!
| This is a good high-end sound card that is supported in the Linux kernel, and
| it works well. Linux users have known about them for years. When you search
| for "Linux" on http://www.m-audio.com/ you'll even find some useful
| information.
| M-Audio isn't the only one; I'm seeing this for a number of devices that I'm
| too lazy to go back and find right now. The good news is these are
| significant cracks in the monopolist's armor, and a sign that real diversity
| and choice are slowly returning to the PC marketplace. It wasn't that long
| ago that Mac users were treated as unwanted stepchildren, just like Linux
| users. But why be shy about listing Linux as a supported platform? Is Linux
| not pretty enough? Does it smell bad? I've asked a number of vendors over the
| years and never get a good answer, just vague fluffspeak. When I get an
| answer of substance I'll be sure to share it.



Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated with support for newer hardware

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| The Debian project is pleased to announce the fourth update of its stable
| distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename etch).


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

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| If I ask you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be? *
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.



Linux Driver Project Status Report as of April 2008

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| The Linux Driver Project (LDP) is alive and well, with over 300 developers
| wanting to participate, many drivers already written and accepted into the
| Linux kernel tree, and many more being currently developed. The main problem
| is a lack of projects. It turns out that there really isn't much hardware
| that Linux doesn't already support. Almost all new hardware produced is
| coming with a Linux driver already written by the company, or by the
| community with help from the company.


Linux device driver project needs more unsupported devices to work on!

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| The problem is that even though Kroah-Hartman and his developers are willing
| to sign NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) for companies that are reluctant to
| open up their devices to open source, businesses are still hanging
| back. "What we need now is more companies participating in the project,"
| Kroah-Hartman said. * *
| [...]
| He also wondered if the problem of Linux device drivers has been
| overstated...


Avoid Linux device support issues: A few minutes of research can make all the

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| You may have heard stories of Linux not being able to support some critical
| pieces of hardware, such as 3D graphics cards or WiFi. While Linux actually
| supports more hardware than any other operating system out there, it is *
| certainly annoying when the one piece of hardware you need is not on the
| list. *


A Vista vs. Linux Matchup

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| Putting aside Apple hardware, where all the software works with
| all the hardware so long as it's all up to the minute, I found
| that MEPIS actually has better hardware support for this PC
| than Vista.
| [...]
| Adding insult to injury, since DRM protection schemes must
| evolve constantly, to stay ahead of hackers tearing them down,
| I have little doubt that one day you'll come home to find that
| a Vista update to DRM-protection has just locked you out of your
| media collection. You know, the same collection, which had
| worked just fine the day before. Repeat after me: DRM does
| not belong in operating systems.


Free Linux Driver Development!

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| Yes, that's right, the Linux kernel community is offering all
| companies free Linux driver development. No longer do you have
| to suffer through all of the different examples in the Linux
| Device Driver Kit, or pick through the thousands of example
| drivers in the Linux kernel source tree trying to determine
| which one is the closest to what you need to do.


Linux Hardware Support

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| Here's the problem with that argument: Most hardware does not
| work "Out of the box" in Windows. When people say their hardware
| worked "Out of the box" I don't think they are talking about "Out
| of the blue Windows XP box." What I think they mean is "Out of
| the Dell box."
| [...]
| The catch is that you must buy hardware that is supported by the
| software you intend to run on it. Is this really so unreasonable?
| Would you buy a Sun Spark workstation and try to run Windows on it?

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