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Open Virtual Machine Tools with Ubuntu Hardy

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| However, where the nice folks at VMware open sourced their Virtual Machine
| Tools late last year, the OSS community has been quietly building in
| compatibility for newer Linux distributions at the Sourceforge hosted
| openvmtools project.


Flipping the Linux switch: Countdown to the dual boot

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| I have been a Linux user for quite some time -- about eight years. My husband
| and I have known each other since we were twelve, when our school's only
| computer was an Apple IIe attached to a dot matrix printer. We grew up
| together, bought our first computer together, and built our first home-grown
| computers together.
| [...]
| So dual-booting it is. Dual booting essentially takes the empty space on your
| existing hard drive, divides it up, and allows you to install another
| operating system in that space. Windows exists on your drive, most likely, in
| one or more partitions. Many "newbie friendly" Linux distributions (like
| Ubuntu, Mint, or openSUSE) have built in partitioners which make resizing
| your partitions (hopefully) stress-free.
| [...]
| When we next flip the ol' Linux switch, we'll watch the whole sordid dual
| boot scenario unfold. Yes, my husband's computer will take the (really
| minimal) risk, so that yours doesn't have to!



An introduction to Wubi

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| So, a machine that seemed destined only ever run Windows can run Linux now as
| well. Wubi comes across as a neat and clever way to get a dual booting
| computer and I hope to leave mine as I now have it. No feathers were ruffled
| on the Windows side and I saw no sign of any destruction. That makes Ubuntu’s
| way of doing things a much better option than other distributions that make
| you go down more invasive routes when creating a dual booting PC.


Wubi: The Easy Way To Test-Drive Linux On A Windows PC

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| There must be a catch, right? Not really: If you're looking for a realistic,
| fully functional Linux desktop experience, Wubi comes awfully close. While
| you will see a slight performance penalty running Ubuntu on a Windows file
| system rather than on a native Linux partition, keeping your Windows disk
| defragmented will keep the difference to a minimum.


When Dubie met Wubi

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| Loyal readers of this column will remember our four-part series on installing
| one of the more popular distros of Linux, Ubuntu. Now that Ubuntu 8.4 LTS
| (Long-Term Support) has been released, with Firefox 3, you might be curious
| about how to check out and possibly use this upstart OS, but you're reticent
| because of all the nastiness you've heard about partitioning your hard drive,
| which once fell into the realm of Upper Geekdom.
| Worry no more. Wubi, a free Ubuntu installer for Windows, handles all that
| folderol. It installs Ubuntu as though it were another application on your
| hard drive, and you can delete it at your leisure. You can then test drive
| Ubuntu and its open-source applications, then switch back to Windows if you
| so desire.

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