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CF files FTC complaint against Microsoft

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| The Consumers' Foundation (CF), a private consumer watchdog, filed a
| complaint yesterday with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) against Microsoft
| over the software giant's pulling Windows XP from the Taiwan market in line
| with its migration to the new operating system Vista.
| The CF urged the government body to impose sanctions on Microsoft for the
| termination of Windows XP sales in Taiwan.
| "We suggest that the FTC slap Microsoft with a heavy fine for impairing
| market fairness," said CF Acting Chairman Hsieh Tien-jen while delivering the
| complaint to the commission.
| [...]
| "Sixty-seven percent of local users want a return of XP to the market," he
| said, citing the results of another poll.
| He described Microsoft's marketing strategy as an abuse of consumer rights.


The FTC is corrupt though. There as a scandal some time ago and is head left.


FTC Opens Antitrust Investigation Into Intel

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| The Fair Trade Commission of Japan (JFTC) in 2005 recommended that Intel end
| its practice of offering funds to PC makers in exchange for a commitment not
| to use processors from its competitors. Intel accepted those recommendations,
| which came after a lengthy JFTC investigation, saying at the time it wanted
| to avoid a protracted legal battle.



US FTC staff not held back on Intel-commissioner

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| FTC Chairman Deborah Majoras, a Republican, has rejected requests by
| lawmakers, other commissioners and Advanced Micro Devices Inc to open a
| formal antitrust investigation into its much larger rival Intel, the New York
| Times reported on Monday. *


Report: FTC rejects calls for antitrust probe of Intel

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| The New York Times reported on Monday that FTC Chairman Deborah Majoras has
| rejected requests to escalate at informal review into a formal investigation,
| citing unnamed government officials and lawyers involved in the matter. *


FTC won't step up Intel antitrust probe

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| Intel, the world's biggest maker of computer chips, has been cited for
| anti-competitive behavior for allegedly offering large discounts to computer
| makers in exchange for their not using products from AMD, the paper said.
| Those faulting Intel include regulators with the European Commission and
| Korea, the Times said. Japanese officials also made similar accusations in
| 2005, it said. Intel controls some 80 percent to 90 percent of the microchip
| market, it said.

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