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Akademy 2008: Album with pictures

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| After a lot of deliberating this, I decided to put online an album with a lot
| of the pictures I took at Akademy. Since most people at (big) conferences and
| community gatherings like it when they can have some form of memento
| (including me!) of themselves and the event, I think this outweighs the (very
| few) people who didn't seem to like their picture being taken.


KDE 4.1.0 in the Press

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| Blogs and Forums worldwide are full of positive comments and many are testing
| the different packages and livecd's gracefully provided by the distributions.
| The reviewers clearly recognize what we have archieved already but also see
| the future potential in KDE 4. We are very happy with this encouraging
| response from communities worldwide! Of course, we also urge everybody to
| report bugs and help us fix them by sending in patches and improvements.



Akademy in Belgium

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| We have had a great couple of days talks here at Akademy in Belgium. The
| energy in the KDE community is brilliantly high as we move from the long KDE
| 4 development period into having the world beating desktop.


Shuttleworth has some nice words for KDE

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| Is Mr Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, slowly warming towards KDE? Or is the man
| merely trying to keep the KDE folk onside, after a whole host of "technical
| writers" have attacked the new release of that desktop environment?
| [...]
| Given the amount of flak that the recent KDE release - 4.0 - has taken from
| the pro-GNOME pundits at sites like linux.com, you would think that the worst
| possible thing any supporter of GNOME - as Shuttleworth is perceived to be -
| could do is to speak out in support of anything associated with KDE.
| But you would be wrong. Shuttleworth is now floating the idea that there can
| be a QT-based GNOME.

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