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5 Reasons Why a Newbie should try Ubuntu

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| # The ability to have a glimpse: With the support of LiveCD, a fanboy can
| actually have a good enough look into the distro if not a full experience. It
| gives a chance to visualize and build a thought for the distro, based on
| one’s preferences and use case.
| # Ease of installation and configuration: You need not be a master of
| terminal windows and an ace of shell commands/scripts to run a mighty Ubuntu
| on your machine. The latest release of the distro has a much faster and
| easier installation wizard. Installing Ubuntu through Windows using Wubi, or
| performing a single or dual boot installation is far more easier than it was
| in the past. You need not bother much about the partitioning act or the swap
| space to make a complete Ubuntu installation.
| # Out of the box support...


A person who never/rarely used computer would cope better with Linux than with

Ubuntu 8.04 Ease of Installation

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| It was easier than ever to get my Ubuntu Hardy system up and configured.
| Compiz Fusion installs flawlessly and with no tweaking.



Doin' it for the Noob...

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| As much as I sincerely dislike the term "noob", I will use it here. Not in a
| derogatory fashion but just as an attention-getter in the title. Besides,
| there are so many rhyming possibilities. *
| Here is what I want to do. I am going to present "The Noobie Desktop". This
| is, with room for generous variation, the basic desktop I present our new
| Linux Users upon initial install and during our Linux Labs. Let's take a few
| minutes and kick the tires, slam the doors...even take it for a spin. Then we
| can get to the real value of my blog. * *


You silly rabbit Linux is for kids

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| If you own an older computer (Pentium 2 or newer) and have a few
| hours free one weekend you can build your children a great computer
| so that they can play educational games and do their school work.
| Now you can finally have your computer back.


Out of the mouth of babes: Linux is Better

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| When I asked my son why he had snatched my laptop instead of using the
| family PC, he replied without hesitation: "Because Linux is better."

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