On Aug 24, 10:21*am, Pavel Minaev wrote:

> > Goodbye my friend, I still don't think you're a Russian--you speak too
> > much like an American.

> I've studied in NZ for two years, which might explain why my English
> is better than what you typically expect from a Russian (we're
> otherwise notorious for having bad English on average, I know that).
> Otherwise, what there is to know about me as a person, can be seen
> here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Int19h

Well you look pretty healthy to me, and you should have been drafted
to fight in Chechyna and Georgia. I may have passed by your city
enroute to St. Petersburg by train and/or flew over it by plane. I
think it's a commuter town, with lots of pretty new American style
houses (at least if I recall from the airplane, going into SVO
airport, which I think is nearby).

I had a chance to date a RU girl here in the Balkans, and when I found
out her friends are in construction, it scared me. Yuri Luzhkov
scares me. And the Chechynians. Maybe both (or one). That and the
fact several friends dated RU girls and after a bit of fun in the
beginning ended up regretting it. Heard too many tall tales (or true
tails), like that movie about RU privatization (in RU language)
'formation of capital, which I'm sure you've seen, with all the gory
violence. Good action movie though, they should do an English
language version.