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Apple’s Deceptive iPhone Advertising

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| Apple’s attempt to portray the iPhone 3G experience as just as fast as a real
| computer hooked up to the real internet is a shameful demonstration of
| flat-out fakery.


Rotten hardware core in Apple's iPhone 3G

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| The news that the iPhone 3G could be suffering from 3G reception issues due
| to faulty hardware, which apparently can't be fixed by a firmware update, has
| flashed across the web. The debate now rages: who is right?


Maybe Steve should send out some people to police bloggers and control public

Last month:

Apple + ActiveSync is eating email on my iPhone: iCrap?

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| I'm a huge Apple fan. Today, however, I couldn't be more disappointed. I keep
| seeing pretty, shiny things...and then finding out they're iCrap underneath.


My MacBook Air dies while Google Docs is offline

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| I have to reboot every 30 minutes or so to get back to a workable condition
| and then wait for the CPU to max out again.


iTunes Store "Unavailable": This iPod Touch Owner is Stuck in Update Limbo

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| I'm not alone. I've been able to find plenty of iPod Touch, first-gen iPhone,
| and new iPhone 3G owners just like me stuck in the same boat. For over 8
| hours I've been unable to update my iPod Touch because the Apple iTunes
| Store's servers are overwhelmed.


iPhone 3G Frenzy Causes Glitch

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| Across the world they gathered and waited like little children hoping to see
| Santa at the local shopping mall, only to be disappointed and find what many
| had expected on opening day. It wasn't exactly a lump of coal, but, Apple's
| much coveted slick new 3G device was not only in short supply, but in many
| locations, there were problems with getting the phone to actually work.



Woz (Apple co-founder):

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| "It's very much like that, but sometimes the engineers are - yeah, no,
| I think it's very similar, very similar. Sometimes the engineers are
| true artists and really care what they're doing, doing a really great
| job. Although, I don't know how much I can even say that because the
| big companies, Microsoft, Apple and AOL, they tend to turn out the
| crappiest products, you know, software-wise. The ones that have the
| most bugs, the most items that are supposedly in there but don't work.
| The most things that are left out because they aren't finished. The most
| things that are inconsistent with the way they did their last program. I
| get the worst, worst software almost always from Apple."
`---- * *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Leopard early adopters suffer for the rest of us

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| Mac OS X 10.5.1 will likely arrive around Thanksgiving with fixes for most of
| the problems encountered by the brave early adopters.


Some Leopard upgraders see 'blue screen of death'

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| A significant number of Mac owners upgrading to Leopard on Friday reported
| that after installing the new operating system, their machines locked up,
| showing only an interminable -- and very Windows-like -- "blue screen of
| death."


New iMacs plagued by interface freezing issues

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| A growing number of users have reported that Apple's aluminum all-in-one
| computers suffer from a flaw that locks up the interface, rendering the
| system all but inert until a reboot.

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