Integration at Akademy

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| An important topic at Akademy 2008 is modularisation and integration. It has
| been the main topic of one talk, but you will find it comes up in many
| others. It is clearly on the minds of many developers here. Read on for more
| of what is discussed here.

KDE Commit Digest - Issue 121 - 27th July 2008

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| Support for hiding/showing system icons in Plasma, support for using the
| native Windows start menu where appropriate, with more work in
| the "Previewer" applet and "TabBar". Better filtering support in
| the "FolderView" applet. Various work toward Amarok 2, including visual
| changes, work on playlists, and initial support for MTP devices.


Marble integration with KOffice

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| Right now the Marble Team is heavily working towards KDE 4.1 Beta2:
| Jens-Michael is working on further improving Marble OpenStreetMap support,
| Inge is working on the Mercator Projection, Patrick is working on further
| improving KML for his GSoC 2008 project (which actually deals with vector
| rendering in Marble), Claudiu is working on his Satellite Plugin and Henry is
| working on texture colorization and Temperature / Precipitation maps. I'll
| continue to work on GeoPainter and Marble's new plugin architecture which
| will enable other developers to write Qt-Plugins for Marble to render their
| own layers and their own data.