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Poland: Ministry of Education recommends Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The Polish Ministry of National Education is advising schools and
| universities to use Open Source software. The recommendation comes at the end
| of a volunteer campaign to help schools switch to Open Source.


After Microsoft's OOXML corruptions in Poland (well documented), it would make
sense to look away from proprietary software. If it's not evil, its vendor is.


PL: Ministry of Education recommends Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The Polish Ministry of National Education is advising schools and
| universities to use Open Source software. The recommendation comes at the end
| of a volunteer campaign to help schools switch to Open Source.
| The Ministry recommended in a statement that schools and universities use
| OpenOffice. The application suite is sufficiently mature and advanced to be
| used for teaching and for office use in education and science
| institutes. "OpenOffice can successfully substitute proprietary applications
| and will result in significant savings on licenses."


OOXML ISO aftermath in Poland

,----[ Quote ]
| Tomasz Bednarski (Mandriva Poland) wrote a letter to PKN president, Tomasz
| Schweitzer, in which he expressed his concerns about the Polish OOXML
| ratification process which Bednarski took part of, as a member of the
| technical committee 182. We publish the translation of his letter and the
| response from Schweitzer. ¬* ¬*
| [...]
| So, it seems that the OOXML saga in Poland is far from over and there will be
| more proceedings in the nearest future, which we will pass to you as soon as
| we hear about them. Thank you for now. ¬*



Polish chairwoman distributes Microsoft propaganda

,----[ Quote ]
| The Chairwoman of the polish Technical Committee has distributed
| documentation about the BRM authored by Microsoft. She has also changed the
| voting rules for the email ballot to "If you don't vote, it is counted as a
| YES", and she has threatened to sue committee members if they spread
| accusations. What a nice broken chairwoman they have in Poland. ¬* ¬*


"Abstain from voting"

,----[ Quote
| Evil! "Abstain from voting" means no new vote will get submitted, so the
| September vote will be carried! In the case of Poland it was an approval vote
| for the OOOXML standard with comments attached. Yes, Poland felt it could
| support the approval of a standard candidate that got more than 2300 pages of
| dispositions of comments. And now the logic I fail to get is: if we fail to
| approve we do nothing and carry the previous approval vote. ISO procudures
| sometimes feel like a witch test. ¬* ¬* ¬*
| "Abstain from voting" != submission of an "Abstain" vote.


Possible manipulation around OOXML process in Poland

,----[ Quote ]
| Just to remind you, on Thursday’s meeting 12 members voted for OOXML, 10
| members voted against it and 2 abstained from voting. As the consensus has
| not been achieved, Andrukiewicz decided that the voting should continue by
| e-mail and all the missing members should be allowed to vote. What she did
| not mention is that if the missing members fail to send her an e-mail with
| their stance, it will be automatically assumed they vote yes. This is one of
| the crazy rules of PKN process of opinioning new ISO standards. ¬* ¬* ¬*


Poland Fails to Approve OOXML; Chairman Decides Members Can Vote by Email 10
More Days - huh?

,----[ Quote ]
| This is different. There is a report by Borys Musielak of PolishLinux.org
| that Poland met to vote on OOXML on Thursday. Of 45 members of the committee
| eligible to vote, 24 showed up to vote, and it split almost down the middle,
| with 12 for, 10 against and 2 abstaining. This is extraordinary, since Poland
| voted yes in September, despite the technical committee being opposed. I call
| that progress. ¬* ¬*
| But here is the worrying part: when it became clear that there was no
| consensus, and it was not going to be a Yes vote, the chairman "decided to
| allow the missing members to vote by e-mail during the next 10 days". ¬*
| What to make of a process that keeps reinventing itself as it goes along?


No consensus over OOXML in Poland, yet

,----[ Quote ]
| Last Thursday PKN (Polish Normalization Committee) had a meeting on which it
| was supposed to come up with the decision concerning Polish recommendation
| for ISO/IEC DIS 29500 (OOXML) proposed standard. The common stance has not
| been acheived. ¬*
| [...]
| Yes, we do know a few more details concerning the process and the type of
| dirty politics that took place just before and during the meeting, but we are
| not going to releal it just yet, hoping that the chairman of KT 182 and the
| PKN itself makes a proper decision in the end (which is to abstain from
| voting as there has been no consensus about OOXML in KT). ¬* ¬*


Shenanigans Alleged on Road to OOXML Vote

,----[ Quote ]
| The events leading up to the ISO's decision on OOXML can best be described as
| strange.
| Take the case of KT 182, the Polish technical committee responsible for the
| OOXML standardization process, as described on Groklaw: Chairperson Elzbieta
| Andrukiewicz was instructed that KT 182 should abstain from voting if a
| consensus was not achieved. Well, it wasn't, and she said the members who
| were absent could vote by e-mail E-Mail Marketing Software - Free Trial.
| Click Here. -- but if they didn't vote, she'd take their non-response as a
| yes. ¬* ¬* ¬*
| Later, when presenting the results of the ballot resolution, she showed a
| slide that claimed 98 percent of the OOXML issues had been resolved during
| the KT 182 meeting. ¬*
| When reminded this wasn't true, and told that the author of the PowerPoint
| file was Paul Pesch, platform strategy manager at Microsoft Netherlands, she
| threatened to sue anyone who repeated the assertion that Pesch was the
| author. ¬*
| That slide had been shown at another meeting, and one of the Brazilian
| delegates had complained about it. ¬*


ODF Alliance Hails Brazil, India, Italy, and Poland for Recognizing
OpenDocument Format

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance), a broad
| cross-section of organizations, academia and industry dedicated
| to improving access to electronic government documents, today
| applauded Brazil's decision to recommend ODF as the government's
| preferred format; India's decision to use ODF at a major state
| government agency; and Italy's decision to recognize ODF as
| national standard.
| The Alliance also recognized Poland, too, for demonstrating serious
| interest in adopting ODF in the wake of a national meeting held for
| its government with broad participants from industry and non-profit
| agencies.


Poland against OOXML?

,----[ Quote ]
| Polish Technical Committee no 171 has just voted 80% against the adoption
| OOXML as an ISO standard [PL].


Polish National Interoperability Framework promotes Open Standards

,----[ Quote ]
| This basically means that Microsoft’s Office Open XML will not be
| treated as open standard, thus not preferred in Polish e-Government
| services, making OpenDocument Format the office standard of choice.


Poland says "Yes, with comments" to OOXML


Poland votes yes on OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| Several protests were sent already to PKN and TC 182 on behalf of: Free and
| Open Source Foundation, TC 171 members, Google Poland, IBM Poland, but I
| really doubt they will make the difference in Polish vote among ISO. The
| whole process was planned to the last minute so that there is not enough time
| to protest or make any changes. Although it is not as clear situation of
| vote-buying as in Sweden, it strikes me as something from typical Microsoft
| lobbying portfolio. ¬* ¬* ¬*

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