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Firefox translated into Ugandan language

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| A two-day translation marathon has resulted in a version of Mozilla's Firefox
| browser Firefox in Luganda, Uganda's most widely spoken language.
| The software will be made available by Makerere University's Faculty of
| Computing and Information Technology (CIT) with the aim of giving non-English
| speakers a browsing tool.


They needn't ask for permission from the 'masters'. It's *their* own software
now. They own it and they can modify it at will.

Mozilla experiments push Firefox envelope

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| Mozilla is experimenting with several ideas to push the browser envelope,
| including one that could turn the browser into a messaging hub.


Days ago:

Microsoft Flops and Loses 7% of the Browser Market in Last 12 Months - Vista
Still Only Used by Less Than 15% of all Users, per Janco

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| Janco and the IT Productivity Center have just released their Browser and
| Operating System Market Share White Paper. The major findings are:
| Microsoft's browser market share has continued to erode and has fallen to
| 58.50% versus 65.48% (loss of 6.96%) in August 2007 and 82.99% (loss of
| 24.49%) in August 2005; Firefox has maintained its number 2 browser position
| and now is used by almost 19% (18.94%) of all users; Google Desktop has over
| 4% (4.01%) of the market; and Time Warner made a strategic error in
| abandoning Netscape as users continue to use Netscape even though AOL no
| longer supports it.


Mozilla’s Firefox Wins the “Who’s the Next Open Source Idol” Crown at
LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco

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| GroundWork Open Source, Inc. (www.groundworkopensource.com), announced today
| Mozilla’s Firefox was successful in beating out the other three contestants,
| reigning champion “Tux” the Linux kernel penguin, “Beastie” the BSD demon and
| the GNU “Gnu” to become the world’s favorite Open Source Idol.



First Look: Mozilla Snowl

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| Returning to Snowl, hot on the heels of Mozilla Lab’s call for participation
| in exploring the future of the browser, and the experimental Weave service,
| comes Mozilla’s efforts to move messaging beyond email and to the types of
| communication now commonplace across social networks, blogs and services such
| as Twitter.
| Mozilla’s Myk Melez describes Snowl as a browser extension that helps
| users ‘follow and participate in online discussions’ and track all your
| conversations across various networks, services, protocols and messaging
| types.


Firefox Most Installed Open Source Project

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| According to the Open Source Census, Ubuntu and Debian are the most used
| Linux distributions.


Mozilla reveals the Firefox of the future?

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| Mozilla has unveiled a spectacular new concept browser, dubbed Aurora.
| The bleeding-edge browser is part of a new Mozilla Labs initiative, in which
| the open-source foundation is encouraging people to contribute ideas and
| designs for the browser of the future.


Mozilla Looks to Grass Roots for Next Wave of Browser Innovation

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| The Mozilla Labs Concept Series is a program for gathering from the public
| ideas on developing new software projects. The program kicked off with three
| new concept applications: the Aurora browser, a mobile version of Firefox and
| a new way to visualize bookmarks. The purpose is to let any user join the
| conversation, not just those with programming skills.

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