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Digium Drives Open Source VoIP, Named Corporate Telephony Visionary by Gartner

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| The open source telephony market has traditionally faced a number of
| obstacles, including a negative market perception and competition from
| existing proprietary installations. However, these image and, consequently,
| acceptance, of open source solutions are steadily gaining acceptance, thanks
| to a steadfast commitment to building awareness and promoting the benefits of
| open source telephony, not the least of which is cost savings.


Nortel Acquires Pingtel, Eyes Open Source UC Market for SMBs

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| In a move that industry experts say will boost business in an increasingly
| popular market, officials from Nortel are reporting today that
| they’ve acquired an open source enterprise unified communications solutions
| company.



Nortel considers Linux desktops for its staff

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| Nortel CIO Steve Bandrowczak, who joined the Canadian telecoms and network
| equipment vendor last July, said "more and more CIOs are looking at Linux
| desktop for reasons of TCO" and argued that the technology "is receiving the
| same level of attention today as when Linux started on servers." * *


Asterisk is no longer just a PBX footnote

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| While Asterisk IP PBX software can be a boon for cash-strapped businesses
| that need phone upgrades, the free, open source platform has also spawned a
| host of for-profit vendors that charge for Asterisk professional services,
| peripherals and software extensions and still manage to undercut the prices
| charged by more established IP PBX vendors. * *


Linux dominating VoIP devices?

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| Trolltech says its development framework and software stack for mobile
| devices was selected by Skype as the preferred platform for Skype-certified
| VoIP (voice-over-IP) phones. Additionally, the Qtopia framework/stack has
| been used in about 40 VoIP devices, making it the "dominant Linux
| development platform for VoIP/WiFi devices," according to Trolltech.



Ubuntu gets into unified comms, chides Microsoft

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| Canonical has signed an agreement with Unison Technologies to offer a
| complete unified communications suite for small to medium-sized firms running
| Ubuntu Linux.


Unison Technologies Releases Unison(TM) for Ubuntu(TM) to Bring Unified
Communications to Linux

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| Unison Technologies today announced a wide-ranging partnership to bring
| unified communications to Linux. Unison, the first fully-unified
| communications software, will run both on Ubuntu Server and - with a
| just-released beta version - on Ubuntu Desktop Edition.


Everything in Unison on Linux

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| Software developer Unison has launched what it claimed is the world's first
| fully-unified communications suite based on Linux.


SMEs to be offered cut-price Linux-based unified comms platform

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| A Linux-based unified communications platform will be launched at next
| month's CeBIT show in Germany. The software-based beta solution will be
| available for firms to download from next month. *

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