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10 Reasons why GUI Doesn’t Matter

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| A lot have been said about user experience, themes and looks of your OS in
| general. Some claim that OSX has the best GUI around. Aero fans drool over
| its fancy windows flip thingy. But does it really all matter? Take a look and
| decide yourself.


Many pictures.

The visual layer (compatible with skinning) is thin and shallow. It's what's
underneath that ultimately counts.

1000+ Desktop Wallpapers for your Asus Eee PC

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| Below you’ll find several resources for desktop wallpapers perfectly sized
| for your Asus Eee PC (800×480). If you know of any other good Eee PC
| wallpaper resources by all means please leave a comment with the link.


5 + 1 beautiful designs for Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex”

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| 2 of 5 designs above are deeply inspired by the Union theme, which was
| proposed for hardy. I think it’s still wonderful...



My favorite useful Compiz features

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| Personally, I am most concerned with the Compiz plugins that add
| functionality to my desktop. There are plenty of those too. I am going to
| outline some of my favorites and most useful.



Compiz is the Most Important Thing to Ever Happen to Linux.

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| If the Linux community wants to wipe Windows and Mac out of the OS business
| all they need to do in focus all of their collective efforts on developing
| Compiz. With the combine intelligence of hundreds of thousands of nerds we
| could develop the most pimped out windows management system known to mankind.
| The kids don’t want stability, they want an OS w/ rims that spin.


Compiz is Cool – and Why That Matters

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| One of the most vexed questions within the open source world is when, if
| ever, GNU/Linux will take off on the desktop. Strangely, this isn't really
| about capabilities: as someone who has Ubuntu running on both of his main
| systems, I can attest to the fact that GNU/Linux is not just usable, it's a
| downright pleasure to use. In fact, I constantly marvel at how transparent
| open source has become: most of the time I'm simply not aware that I'm using
| it – it just works.
| This raises the interesting question: so what's missing? What more does open
| source need to do in order to capture the attention of the general user? I
| think the answer can be found on this YouTube video.


Compiz and Compiz Fusion 0.7.6 out in wild

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| In the new features there is now a new “Static Switcher” that shows
| thumbnails of all the open windows and moves caret instead of thumbnails.
| Place plugin received a rewrite that enhances it’s multi-display support.
| Gtk-window-decorator is now accesessibilit(a11y) sensitive and ezoom plugin
| now has area zoom, helping people with disabilities to work on computer with
| ease.
| Eye-candy? Full sphere!! I’ll let a picture talk for itself.

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