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Antipiracy Campaign Exasperates Colleges

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| Now, feeling burdened and betrayed, some of those universities are quietly
| fighting back, resisting requests for information and trying to quash
| subpoenas. Those that do so, though, find that their past compliance — and
| the continued compliance of their peer institutions — is being held against
| them.
| "We feel like we've been led down the garden path, and our interest in
| working in partnership and leading our mission as educators is now being used
| against us," said Tracy Mitrano, director of IT policy at Cornell University.
| [...]
| "At the point where universities finally come to see they're the target of
| this RIAA campaign, that's the point at which they'll start arguing their own
| self-interest," says Charles R. Nesson, founder of the Berkman Center for
| Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. He believes the RIAA is trying to
| wear universities down with letters and subpoenas until they give in and
| install filtering software, a policy precedent that the RIAA may then decide
| to use against commercial ISP's.


Allman Brothers sue UMG for 'digital exploitation'

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| The popular group, formed in the 1960s, sued UMG Recordings in federal court
| on Monday, claiming it was the victim of "digital exploitation." They are
| asking for a larger cut of recordings sold through third parties, demanding
| at least $13 million and additional royalties from CD sales and digital
| downloads.


Bad times for the crooks from Hollywood. They fight the inevitable:

One Man's Quest to Digitize and Publicize Rare Vinyl

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| Thousands of recordings that had been largely consigned to the realm of
| prehistory in the digital age have gained a new life, thanks to the tireless
| efforts of one man.
| [...]
| As the digital music movement started in earnest, Bolling began digitizing
| his records, and posted a list of first 1,500 songs he had digitized so
| fellow collectors could see what kind of progress he had made. Finally, he
| decided to upload MP3s of every song on the list so that he could access them
| from anywhere, and so that curiosity seekers could find them.



Ubuntu community head tests music economics with open content

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| Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon, an independent musician and prominent
| figure in the open source software community, is starting a new solo music
| project through which he aims to explore the challenges of distributing music
| under a Creative Commons license. He hopes that his efforts will bring some
| clarity to the copyright debate and provide real answers about how open
| content might change the economics of the music industry.


Creative Collaboration: The Open Source Filmmaking Experiment

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| With new collaborative tools available, some filmmakers are opening up their
| work to the participation of others. Tapping into the creative power of the
| crowd can take a film in an entirely new direction -- one that the creator
| hadn't even envisioned.
| [...]
| Creative Commons, which gives users the option of opening up the rights to
| their work, has done much to facilitate open source creative work, including
| filmmaking,



Australia set to give the go-ahead for Creative Commons licensing

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| Researchers at Queensland will shortly publish a study on the pricing of
| public sector information which is expected to set out the case for making
| all government data free. We will watch with interest. In the meantime, we
| think the UK government could usefully copy one set of Australian ideas: a
| policy review in 2002 which said that the government should not try to charge
| for data where to do so is not cost-effective, would be inconsistent with
| policy objectives or would unduly stifle competition and innovation. Bonza! * * *


Lessig For Congress?

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| A 'Draft Lessig' group is forming on Facebook, featuring some of Lessig's old
| co-workers at Harvard and Jimmy Wales, among others. No word from Lessig
| himself yet, but he's been increasingly vocal about politics of late. If it
| happens, it would be a huge step forward for the representation of technology
| in Washington. * *


The Creative Commons CC0 project

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| CC0[http://creativecommons.org/projects/cczero] is a Creative Commons
| project designed to promote and protect the public domain by 1) enabling
| authors to easily waive their copyrights in particular works and to
| communicate that waiver to others, and 2) providing a means by which
| any person can assert that there are no copyrights in a particular work,
| in a way that allows others to judge the reliability of that assertion.


Creative Commons Artist Spotlight: Convey

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| Every week, we will introduce our readers to emerging musical artists who
| choose to release their work under Creative Commons licenses.


Fedora and Creative Commons Team Up To Deliver LiveContent Distribution

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| Red Hat and Creative Commons have said that Fedora 7 will serve as the
| platform for Creative Commons LiveContent CD, an initiative to showcase free,
| open source software and dynamic, Creative Commons-licensed multimedia
| content. *


[Creative Commons in Support of] GPLv3!

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| Note that Creative Commons has always recommended the GPL and other
| free software licenses for software. We look forward to transitioning
| software we create to GPLv3.


Creative Commons Sponsored Software ccHost Release

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| These features most notably show up and are tested in Creative Commons'
| project, ccMixter (www.ccmixter.org), a popular on-line social network
| service that supports legal music sharing and remixing.


Handling of Microsoft's copyleft violation

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| A member of the Microsoft packaged software team lifting one of my
| images is definitely a case where the infringing party should have
| known better, as the company routinely takes action to protect its
| own IP.


Newsmaker: *Joi Ito a man of many hats

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| Q: I would like to ask if Joi thinks traditional copyright as
| articulated in much Western legislation is outdated?
| Ito: I think copyright is outdated. Basically, copyright in the
| physical world is a very limited thing. It doesn't affect you showing
| someone a book, how you read a book or how you sell a book you own
| because it involves only making copies which used to be expensive
| and cumbersome. On the Net, every time you view a Web page, you are
| making a copy, and every activity that involves content involves a
| lot of copying and mixing of stuff. This screws up copyright but
| also allows copyright to significantly screw us up by extending
| the ability of copyright to influence and control a significant
| portion of our online activities just because every step we take,
| we are "copying" something. Creative Commons is trying to work
| inside of the current copyright regime to provide choice and show
| people the value of sharing and do what we can.

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