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Eighth Assisted Global Positioning System Patent Issued to TCS

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| The patent describes a means for using a reference point — other than a
| cellular base station currently servicing a wireless user — to determine the
| position of a mobile user.


Permabit Awarded Two Patents Covering Scalable Data Deduplication

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| "Permabit developed core technology and filed these patents more than eight
| years ago, long before deduplication of data in storage systems was widely
| understood to be critical to the future of large-scale data storage," said
| Jered Floyd, chief technology officer at Permabit.


Avistar Receives Two New Patents For Login-Based Routing of Real-Time
Communications Such as Instant Messaging, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and

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| The two new patents cover systems and methods for login-based routing of
| real-time communications (such as text instant messaging, VoIP and two-way
| video conferencing) between users employing a quick-dial panel (such as a
| buddy list) or a screen-displayed list or rolodex. Users can flexibly login
| at any number of devices or locations and can choose from a number of
| real-time communications options, including text-based real-time messaging.


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Patents should die

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| Patent Weakness #1: The patent office is filled with lawyers not
| scientists/engineers.
| The patent office has, for the past decade or so, been giving out patents for
| genes and software like Amazon’s One Click.
| Pharma companies didn’t invent DNA or genes. They simply discovered the gene
| for a disease and thereby a possible path to cure. Why should anyone have to
| pay royalties for studying said gene or discovering a cure independent of the
| pharma that identified the gene.
| In my opinion Amazon’s One Click patent was the epitomy of the stupidity of
| the patent office. *The patent clerks kept arguing for prior artwork
| deomonstrating that someone else had already developed a One Click feature.
| This is ludicrous. *The point of software is automate mundane tasks with a
| minimal amount of information and work by the user. *So what does One Click
| do fundamentally different than any other button on any other piece of
| software?


Why Treating Patents As Property Is A Bad Idea

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| We've pointed out in the past why it doesn't make much sense to
| treat "intellectual property" as "regular property," since it ignores some
| very important differences between the two. James Bessen and Michael Meurer,
| who wrote the recent book Patent Failure have always taken a slightly
| different approach.

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