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Gentoo 2008.0: Return to greatness?

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| When the long-awaited Gentoo 2008.0 release finally hit mirrors last month,
| the two largest groups of users found themselves out of luck: x86 users
| discovered that their live CD wouldn't copy the kernel during install, and
| the AMD64 image wouldn't fit onto a standard CD-ROM. This was not a great
| start for a distribution whose comeback may rest upon this release. Updated
| ISOs were released two days later, though, and those work well for getting a
| quick Gentoo install ready to customize.
| [...]
| Has Gentoo gotten its act together? Only time will tell, but it sure looks
| like Gentoo is back on the right path. I'm sticking with it.



Gentoo Linux 2008.0

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| When it comes to the GNOME LiveCD, they have switched from using GNOME to
| Xfce. Switching to this lightweight desktop environment was done to conserve
| space on the LiveCD image. Once using the LiveCD installer to install to a
| disk, you will be left with Xfce 4.4.2, but KDE or GNOME can be built from
| the Portage source. With Gentoo 2008.0 there is no x86 or AMD64 LiveDVD this
| time around (at least not for now) due to a decision by the release
| engineering team to avoid delaying the 2008.0 release any further.


Why I Use Gentoo?

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| So, I have been asked this question many times. And of course the assumption
| is that I am some sort of a masochist who enjoys wasting time on compiling
| packages. However, that is not entirely true. There are some other reasons
| why, after trying Ubuntu (started linux with it), Gentoo and then Arch I
| settled on Gentoo.


Evolution, Linux, and Gentoo

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| I'll start at the end by telling you that I'll finish this with a discussion
| of my “Distro of Choice”, Gentoo. But before we get there .....
| It royally annoys me when people say that Linux is too hard to learn!
| Admittedly, Linux is probably insurmountable for some people, in the same
| manner that learning Psychology would be insurmountable for me. Not everyone
| has an interest or talent in computers and their software. However, the
| statement that began this paragraph has been used to categorize computer
| users in general. I don't have a particularly strong computer background, but
| I do have an avid interest in them, so I figure that if I can do it, anyone
| with a modicum of talent and interest in computers can learn Linux if they
| want to.


Linux Sea, an online book on Gentoo Linux

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| I've been meaning to write a more elaborate document on Gentoo Linux for a
| while now. With the summer at hand and my daughter on the way, I thought it
| would be a good idea to put the current work for this (end-user) document
| online.


Gentoo on a 1&1 vServer

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| Companies like 1and1 and Strato offer virtual servers based on the Virtuozzo
| virtualization technology. While these machines are quite cheap and provide a
| full linux work environment they run SUSE by default. Not my favorite linux
| distribution...
| I was pretty certain that I could also switch the server to Gentoo. But when
| I asked the customer support they told me that they have no one running
| Gentoo on any of these machines. And that they would have no clue if that
| could work.

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