"Hey, I like Linux, but to claim it's easier to setup than M$ is a claim I'd
like to see proven.

Here's just a few MF PITAs I've got so far

Digital Audio output has been a total failure with 3 different cards.
ATI Remote Wonder Plus, failure. To get it to work I have to learn how to
modify and compile a custom kernel and modify and compile another app.
Ieee1394, again failure and looking like another customer compile of the
kernel. Worse yet, FC6 support just got dropped from atrpms so now I have to
figure out how to fix that problem too.
External dual port tuner - failure, claimed compatible and supported in
Linux which I found to be a false claim.

and so on.

Every one of these devices were automatically recognized in windoze. A few
had to have drivers installed, but was as easy as download and install. No
fix broken ****, no searching endlessly for the ways to correct the
instructions when they fail in their steps, no figuring out how to be a
linux guru just to install a remote control. Linux is FAR from easy to get
hardware playing nice together.
Linux's got a lot of good points, but user friendlyness ain't one of them."

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