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PTO Rains on Dell's 'Cloud Computing' Trademark

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| Well, that didn't last long.
| Dell had received near-final approval for its trademark application of the
| term "cloud computing," but the US Patent and Trademark Office canceled
| its "Notice of Allowance" on Tuesday and changed the status to "returned to
| examination."


Has Dell lost its mind?

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| Dell did not succeed in the 1990s as an intellectual property company. It
| succeeded by delivering precisely what buyers wanted, with bulletproof
| quality, at the lowest possible price.
| In an open source world these are still the keys to success. Not intellectual
| property. Precision, value, quality.



Dell defends its 'cloud computing' trademark bid

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| Dell's trademark of the ubiquitous, commonly used term "cloud computing" is
| one of those eyebrow-raising events that immediately begs the question: How
| is that possible?
| The simple answer is that Dell is proving that it is possible; the firm's in
| nearly the final stretch of the US Patent and Trademark Office approval
| process.


Trademark Insanity

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| It's bad enough that we have to deal with struggles over the use of
| trademarks that have become generic terms, like "Xerox" and "Coke", and
| trademarks that were already generic terms among specialists, such
| as "Windows", but a new low in trademarking has been reached by the joint
| efforts of Dell and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Cyndy Aleo-Carreira
| reports that Dell has applied for a trademark on the term "cloud computing".
| The opposition period has already passed and a notice of allowance has been
| issued. That means that it is very likely that the application will soon
| receive final approval.
| [...]
| In other words, this is a pure example of theft from the public domain.
| Speakers of English have a term, "cloud computing", which the US government
| is on the verge of privatizing and assigning exclusively to Dell. Other
| companies providing similar services will not be able to describe what they
| are doing as "cloud computing" anymore than Nike will be able to describe its
| shoes as Reeboks.

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