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Mozilla reveals the Firefox of the future?

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| Mozilla has unveiled a spectacular new concept browser, dubbed Aurora.
| The bleeding-edge browser is part of a new Mozilla Labs initiative, in which
| the open-source foundation is encouraging people to contribute ideas and
| designs for the browser of the future.


Mozilla Looks to Grass Roots for Next Wave of Browser Innovation

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| The Mozilla Labs Concept Series is a program for gathering from the public
| ideas on developing new software projects. The program kicked off with three
| new concept applications: the Aurora browser, a mobile version of Firefox and
| a new way to visualize bookmarks. The purpose is to let any user join the
| conversation, not just those with programming skills.


Q&A: Mozilla's Tristan Nitot

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| Having a pay cheque definitely is a change! In 2003 there were eight to 10
| employees. Now we have 160. We now have market share, [meaning] the ability
| to influence the market and force Redmond to wake up and improve the
| product...while the product is interesting, what’s really important is the
| health of the web.


Days ago:

Firefox market share exceeds 20%, Internet Explorer dips below 70%

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| It has been six weeks since Firefox 3 has been released and if we believe
| market share numbers provided by an ongoing survey of NetApplications, then
| it appears that Mozilla has had a successful launch with market share gains,
| especially at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.


Firefox Beta release date announced

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| Interestingly and more importantly, Firefox 3.1 now includes Ogg Vorbis audio
| and Ogg Theora video codec support. The implementation of natively supported
| and open source audio and video formats in Firefox has been underway for more
| than a year and is driven by the developers' intent that Firefox 3.1 support
| the next World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) hypertext markup language
| specification HTML5, which includes the new "