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Qt Port of Mozilla and Firefox 3

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| The Mozilla and Nokia teams have been working hard to port Firefox 3 and the
| Mozilla Platform to Qt and there are now some solid results available from
| their efforts. An experimental build of Firefox Qt is available and you can
| download the sources from Mozilla's mercurial repository. The plan is to
| merge the Qt branch into the central Mozilla branch to make the port o
| fficial.


about:addons - New MDC, Accessible add-ons, AMO changes & more

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| In this issue…
| * Try out the new MDC
| * 5 Things to do to make your extension more accessible
| * AMO Newsgroup Now Available
| * Get Involved With Add-ons
| * State of the Add-ons Ecosystem
| * AMO 3.4.5 & 3.4.6
| * Firefox Summit Add-ons Manager Session


about:mozilla - Mozilla Summit, Mozilla Labs, Add-ons workshop, Canvas in IE,
Theora, Ogg, and more…

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| In this issue…
| * Mozilla Firefox Plus Summit 2008
| * Mozilla Labs Concept Series
| * Add-ons workshop in Paris
| * No browser left behind - Canvas in IE
| * Theora video backend for Firefox landed
| * Why Ogg matters
| * Reducing testcases doc on MDC



Fennec future tied to Android and LiMo

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| The fate of Fennec Fox, the code-name for Mozilla’s mobile browser, is tied
| closely to that of the Android and LiMo phones now under development.
| [...]
| The LiMo and Android phones, like the iPhone, are due to be mobile Internet
| clients, not really phones at all. They need wide pipes, not the skinny pipes
| mobile carriers now allow for selling discrete bits of data like ringtones,
| wallpapers and SMS.


Guiness World Record Certificate in your name - Firefox 3

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| The record is 15,067,570 downloads (15 Million). Country wise, USA tops the
| list with a whooping 4 million + downloads. Surprisingly, sans the US,
| relatively small countries like Iran and France clocked more downloads than
| its larger counterparts like India and China.
| If you are one of the people who downloaded Firefox on June 17th, then
| congratulations !!; You are a part of the Guiness Book of World Records. And
| the people at Firefox are ever too grateful to forget your valuable
| contribution.


Firefox 3: rocking on Linux

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| A few people have been noticing how good our support on Linux has gotten
| during the Firefox 3 development cycle and I thought I would post to try and
| point out some of the good stuff that we have coming down the pipe.


Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 Is A Win For Linux

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| Mozilla has released the latest beta of Firefox 3 today, and the Linux
| efforts behind it are starting to show even more. This release, being a beta,
| is surprisingly stable. Here’s the killer that makes this beta release
| amazing: true GTK support.


Update on the Firefox 3 Linux Theme

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| Work on the new linux theme for Firefox 3 is progressing nicely due to a very
| active group of contributers. To match the operating system’s theme,
| Firefox’s navigation toolbar will use native GTK icons. *

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