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GNOME 2.23.6 Released!

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| FREEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZEEE! That's it. We're feature frozen now. This means
| what you have in 2.23.6 is a good approximation of what you'll get in
| 2.24.0.


Resolution Independent GTK+

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| Got one of them big laptops where you feel tempted to use a looking glass
| because the pixels are so tiny? Ever feel cheated when you adjust the font
| size but the rest of the UI looks like crap in comparison? Or maybe ever felt
| dirty when hard coding pixel values in your application?



Gnome conference – breaking new ground, starting from Istanbul

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| The ninth European GAUDEC conference in Istanbul not only set the direction
| for Gnome 3.0, the next major release of the Unix and Linux desktop, there
| was also plenty of action on the Gnome Mobile front.


GNOME 3.0 Is Coming, And Coming Soon!

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| The K Desktop Environment community came out earlier this year with their
| brand new KDE 4.0 release that marked significant advancements to this
| open-source desktop environment compared to its KDE 3.5.x code-base.
| Meanwhile, the GNOME community has been living in a 2.0 cycle for quite some
| time with no signs of a major overhaul, but their six-month release cycles
| just continue to deliver new refinements and minor improvements. The plans
| for GNOME 3.0 just put this release out when there is significant API/ABI
| breakage to GNOME 2.0 / GTK+ or a major rewrite. Well, in addition to
| announcing Stormy Peters joining GNOME, at GUADEC 2008 they have just
| announced plans for GNOME 3.0!
| [...]
| The only real information that has hit the blogs so far is that GNOME 2.30 =
| GNOME 3.0.


Plans for Gtk+/GNOME 3.0 surfaced

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| At the GNOME conference GUADEC plans were presented how the transition to the
| new Gtk and GNOME is supposed to happen. The basic idea is to make the
| transition as smooth as possible by first cleaning up everything and
| introducing new concepts later on.


New modules for GNOME 2.24

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| The release team had a meeting yesterday about various things, including
| the module proposals. Here are the decisions we took on this topic.
| Many thanks to the people who contributed to the discussion on the list,
| and to the authors and maintainers of the proposed modules!

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