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New worm targets notworking sites

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| The worms reportedly transform victim machines into zombie computers and form
| a network of botnets.


Learn how to write your own malware

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| There is something of an 'Oh My God' feel to the Newsweek article which
| covers the story. It claims that Professor George Ledin is somehow trying to
| disrupt the IT security industry status quo: "His syllabus is partly a veiled
| attack on McAfee, Symantec and their ilk" it says.


Even Microsoft can't trust Windows...

Is Microsoft secretly using open source?

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| Microsoft Corp., even while mounting a new campaign against open-source
| software, has quietly been using such free computer code in several major
| products, as well as on key portions of a popular Web site -- despite denying
| last week that it did so.
| Software connected with the FreeBSD open-source operating system is used in
| several places deep inside several versions of Microsoft's Windows software,
| such as in the "TCP/IP" section that arranges all connections to the
| Internet. The company also uses FreeBSD on numerous "server" computers that
| manage major functions at its Hotmail free e-mail service, whose registered
| users exceed 100 million and make it one of the Web's busiest sites.
| Microsoft acknowledged its repeated use of open-source code Friday, in
| response to questions about the matter. Just two days earlier, it had
| specifically denied the existence of any such software at Hotmail.


Microsoft: powered by GNU/Linux but, selling overpriced Windows to 'the


Top secret: Microsoft's $6 billion open source play

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| This month's announcement by Microsoft to acquire digital marketing
| services firm aQuantive has revealed little on how the companies
| will integrate their IT, but inside information indicates the deal
| may be Redmond's largest commitment to free software.
| [...]
| Whether the businesses are complementary or not, Microsoft's integration
| work will no doubt involve a lot of open source software used by aQuantive.
| Information available from Atlas' Web site indicates the Internet software
| company employs extensive use of open source software including Linux,
| Apache, MySQL, and Solaris.
| Software engineers at Atlas' Raleigh office do client/server development in
| C and C++, software maintenance and "scripting", and developing and
| maintaining custom reporting capabilities.


It's unofficial: Microsoft bets business on Linux

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| What the press statement didn't mention is that Aruba mobility
| controllers run the Linux operating system which Microsoft has
| aggressively targeted as being inferior to Windows as part of
| its "Get the Facts" marketing campaign.
| [...]
| Pandey's appraisal of Aruba's technology is in stark contrast to
| Microsoft's "Get the Facts" rhetoric which places Windows as a more secure,
| and higher-performing choice over Linux.

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