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amaroK: Music App for Linux Reviewed

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| 8 Reasons Why amaroK is Great.
| Personally, there are just so many reasons why I love using amaroK:
| 1. Album covers. One thing I love about amaroK is being able to
| easily "fetch" missing album covers with a few clicks of the mouse.
| 2. Suggestive listening. Some might even say it is creepy, how good the use
| of "Music Brainz" is within amaroK, but I enjoy it. Discover new music you
| have never even heard of and the chances are you will like it a lot.
| 3. Tracking your music habit. Dynamic playlists based on your own personal
| trends, statistics on what your favorite bands, songs and genres are.


8 Best E-mail Clients for Linux

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| Managing e-mail is made easy with the use of e-mail client, also known as
| e-mail reader. Some e-mail clients can also function as feed reader and can
| support plug-ins and themes.
| When it comes to picking the right e-mail client, Linux users have tons of
| choices. I have here a list of 8 of the best free and open source e-mail
| clients that are available for Linux.



First look: Amarok 2 alpha 1 looking strong

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| Despite some of the bugs and the weaknesses of the Plasma interface, Amarok 2
| is shaping up very well and is quite strong for an alpha release. It remains
| true to the vision that shaped its predecessor and delivers a feature-packed
| audio player that is aimed squarely at the power user. It rises above the
| iTunes mimicry that has become common among open source audio players and
| gives its users a truly unique experience.


Amarok 2: Visual Changelog

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| Amarok multimedia player is one of the best programs of its kind not only for
| Linux but for any operating system nowadays. It has been created as a KDE
| component. Most people hoped to have Amarok 2.0 included in KDE 4.0, which
| hasn’t happened. It’s hard to predict if it finds its way into KDE 4.1
| stable, but it’s still worth taking a look at the current progress of this
| great multimedia player


Malina - First alpha release of Amarok 2.0

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| The Amarok Team is proud to present the first official alpha release,
| codename Malina, of the upcoming Amarok 2 series. Features available in this
| release outline the feature set of Amarok 2.0 while making a starting point
| in the Amarok 2 journey.

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