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PCLinuxOS: Definitely “Radically Simple”

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| What impressed me the most about PCLinuxOS is its lack of pretension. The
| creators of PCLinuxOS know their audience is a wide cross section and know
| how to present their wares to that audience without being insulting or
| coming across as “better than the rest.” PCLinuxOS is a simple-to-use
| operating system that makes the user forget that it’s there. And isn’t that
| the whole point of an operating system - to bridge the gap between the user
| and the hardware and make the work seamless? Well that’s exactly what
| PCLinuxOS does best: Seamless.
| I highly recommend this distribution to pretty much anyone. If you have
| people you’re hoping to win over to Linux this might be your go-to OS. If you
| have hardware that other distributions don’t seem to like, again, this might
| be your OS. Give PCLinuxOS a try. It really is “radically simple.”


What has Grandma go[t] to do with it?

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| All these arguments you see around the internet regarding the ease of use for
| [insert operating system here] seem to gravitate down to how easily it can be
| used by Grandma. Invariably someone brings out that their Grandma has been
| using it while another counters with problems that their Grandma gave up on.
| [...]
| By presenting your arguments in a factual way you can easily prove, to
| yourself and to others, which is the better system. You can show usability
| studies, work flow cases or technical advantages. In this manner you have a
| much better chance of reaching someone and having a true meeting of the minds
| instead of just butting heads like rutting mountain goats.



PCLinuxOS 2007.1 to Hit the Linux Desktop World Followed by PCLinuxOS 2008

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| Good news to Linux Desktop Users! Tex and Ripper Gang will offer PCLinuxOS
| 2007.1 soon followed by PCLinuxOS 2008. Now no more downloading of more than
| 400MB software after installing PCLinuxOS 2007.


82 year old runs PCLinuxOS

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| He was very happy with the way PCLinuxOS had expanded the possibilities of
| his IBM, like the viewing of DVD movies and the burning of CD-R/W.
| And mostly that he didn't find it difficult at all to get used to KDE
| interface. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but the end result was very
| much to his liking.

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