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"Sun dropping out of OpenOffice.org development wouldn't be an entirely
negative thing"

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| derStandard.at: Coming back to the question of copyright assignment: Isn't
| Novell doing the same with some of its own projects like Mono?
| Meeks: That's a really good question. If you look at Mono, it's true that
| Novell has a stated company policy of requiring copyright assignment for the
| core - the JIT - which is some tiny proportion of the code, less than 15
| percent. So Mono is a huge thing, there are the class libraries, there is all
| this infrastructure, all these pieces are usable in other places. It's the
| core that is kept LPGL and it's done so for commercial reasons and we are
| very upfront about that. So if you want to contribute to Mono, you can
| contribute in 80+ percent of the project without assigning rights to anyone.
| We'd love that to be the case with OpenOffice.org, honestly.
| Sun is actually trying to push the problem off to plug-ins, by not requiring
| copyright assignment there. So the software ships pretty broken and in order
| to actually open your document you have to be online and download this thing
| from the public extension repository. And the OpenOffice.org user experience
| is already bad enough without anyone saying "your are going to have to
| install this, go to this webpage, look at our advert and then download it".
| derStandard.at: Which parts are you referring to?
| Meeks: Interestingly there are several pieces which are deliberately not
| installed by default to drive traffic to the plug-ins-site. There is this
| thing called "report builder", which is really a key part of the database
| thing. So as you get where it should be it says "There is something which
| isn't here, why don't you get it from the plug-in repository" and that's just
| an appalling user experience, there is no need for that, it doesn't offer you
| any efficiency wins.
| derStandard.at: Being fed up with the current situation with Sun, you seem to
| be pushing harder for your own OpenOffice.org version with Go-oo.
| Meeks: That's right.


Novell is a parasite. It has already infected OOo with OOXML (the deal with
Microsoft forced them to), Mono, Windows, 'advantage' and patent 'deals'.


Privileged Access on Linux

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| It is the "OpenOffice.org Novell Edition", that is a kind of half fork of the
| official OpenOffice.org. Novell is pulling the strings to get the Gnome
| project to adopt its version as the official Gnome OpenOffice. This fork is
| using the last version of the OOo and adding/changing features to *
| it to create a different product: the "Novell Edition".
| The main difference between the OpenOffice.org Novell Edition and the
| official version of the project is that the Novell Edition is encouraged to
| provide import and export to OOXML. Additionally it includes some add-ons
| that they didn't want to integrate in the official version of OpenOffice.org
| (indeed they chosed an incompatible license to prevent any kind of
| integration of their code in the official project). These add-ons can be seen
| here: http://www.go-oo.org * * *
| All this strategy of to divide the "instrumental" OOo project probably is
| under the umbrella of the Microsoft-Novell agreement.


Available Now: OpenOffice.org Novell Edition for Windows

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| Let's consider a couple of the features that you get in the Novell
| Edition but are not likely to have been integrated into upstream OOo yet:
| * * * Excel VBA Macro execution
| * * * Performance improvements
| * * * AGFA fonts
| * * * Better Bullets (now in upstream OOo)
| * * * Simple Solver
| * * * GroupWise integration


OpenOffice.org Tipping Point?

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| It's a shame Michael has chosen now - a turning point in OpenOffice.org and a
| moment when Sun has radically improved the SCA in response to broad feedback
| from many communities - as a time to mount a fresh challenge to Sun that by
| implication also harms OpenOffice.org. And when you distill out all the
| details, that's what this turns out to be even by Michael's admission - a
| competitive issue, not a community one. * *


Sun Refuses LGPL for OpenOffice; Novell forks

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| Because of Sun's refusal to accept LPGL extensions in the upstream code,
| Michael Meeks (who recently talked about Sun's OO.o community failings, and
| ODF and OOXML) has announced ooo-build (previously just for build fixes) is
| now a formal fork of OpenOffice to be located at http://go-oo.org/. * *


Questions I'd like to see asked about the Microsoft-Novell deal

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| The questions asked as part of this study were about as open-ended
| and wishy-washy as you could get. Researchers asked customers
| deploying a mix of Windows, SuSE Linux and Red Hat Linux whether
| they were in favor of more vendor interoperability. They asked
| customers if they believed it would be helpful if Microsoft
| worked more closely with Linux vendors. They asked whether they
| approved of the Microsoft-Novell collaboration. And they
| questioned whether users "take responsibility for the
| intellectual property in the products they ship."
| The only question on PSB's list that I found remotely interesting
| was whether users would be any more likely to buy SuSE Linux as a
| result of the Microsoft-Novell deal. Sixty-nine percent said yes.
| (I'm actually surprised this number isn't higher.)


Office 2007's Confusion Mode

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| So Microsoft clearly loves multiple Microsoft document formats! (Discuss
| among yourselves whether this love is amour de soi or amour propre.) But what
| about other, standard formats? *

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