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FCC works to settle debate over new Web technology

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| An early prototype built by Microsoft failed to operate in the FCC's lab.
| Microsoft later determined the device was broken.
| The FCC is now testing other prototypes built by Philips and Motorola as well
| as Silicon Valley startup Adaptrum and Singapore-based Institute for Infocomm
| Research.
| The Motorola device connects to a database of TV stations operating within
| 125 miles and scans the airwaves nearly every second for other signals that
| may pop up unexpectedly, such as a wireless microphone.


"If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good."

--Bill Gates, Microsoft


The Spectrum Swindle *

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| This is not a call for a privatization or reformation of the FCC; it is a
| recommendation for its abolition.[20] Along with alternative arbitration
| venues, the current court system could handle any disputes arising from this
| action.[21] *
| The FCC should not be in the business of gerrymandering the electromagnetic
| spectrum; rather, it should be left to private firms to homestead the
| infinitesimal frequencies and solve any and all problems in courts: just like
| property disputes on parcels of land. *
| The FCC sells something it neither created nor homesteaded and has
| historically been found incompetent at managing. Worse, it has necessarily
| been partisan in its actions. In addition, the Treasury Department (through
| the FCC) stands to make billions of dollars for something they never made,
| never homesteaded, and have shown gross incompetence at managing. And yet, in
| January, they will both make out like bandits. * *


Is FCC destroying the open Internet?

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| The fact of a shared monopoly is, in many places, just that — a fact. When
| carriers are given an exclusive right to provide service on lines they “own,”
| the public network-of-networks becomes merely a private network. *
| Such monopolies, whether public or private, provide enormous temptation for
| mischief. No matter how good the motives of those who create such temptation,
| it follows as night does day that others with less pure motives will follow
| them. *


FCC ignores more than 100 years of wisdom

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| In 1883 French cryptographer Auguste Kerckhoffs published a set of six
| design principles for military encryption systems. The second of these
| principles is generally known today under the observation that security
| through obscurity is not security. The Federal Communications Commission
| (FCC) seems not to have read the history books or to be aware of how its
| *sister federal agencies develop security standards....


The FCC, FOSS, and software radios: a mixed bag

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| After studying the new rules -- published in the Federal Register last month
| and taking effect today -- the SFLC concluded that the laws are not
| FOSS-restrictive because they "apply to hardware manufacturers who distribute
| SDR devices, regardless if they use FOSS in them or not." And the Center says
| that since the rules specifically mention the GNU/Linux operating system, the
| FCC is actually acknowledging the importance of open source. * *
`---- *


Is The FCC Blocking Wireless Competition?

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| With the nationwide expansion of fiber-optic wiring and digital delivery at
| the turn of the century, the federal government reclaimed and is still
| reclaiming large amounts of spectrum. *


Congressman to Comcast: Stop interfering with BitTorrent
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| While a class action lawsuit is definitely one way to get Comcast to behave,
| another perhaps more productive way to do so is to have politicians step in
| and regulate. *
| On Tuesday, I discussed the issue of Comcast's anti-BitTorrent "network
| management" with Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., who is a strong supporter of
| consumer rights and has led the battle to undo the damage caused by the
| Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA. * *


Consumer groups want Comcast fined for thwarting the Bible
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| A number of consumer groups are petitioning the FCC to fine Comcast $195,000
| for every customer affected by their BitTorrent-throttling practices. The FCC
| has said in the past that service providers can't "block" customers from
| using certain applications or websites, but it hasn't enforced that policy. *


Comcast reported to FCC
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| P2P throttling breaks FCC 'net neutrality' policy
| [...]
| Among the consumer groups who have approached the FCC are the Consumer
| Federation of America, the Consumers Union, the Media Access Project and
| professors at the Internet practices of the Yale, Harvard and Stanford law
| schools. *


Comcast, Microsoft team up to serve smaller firms
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| Microsoft's move to offer the online software suite appears designed to
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^
| compete with a similar offering from rival Google Inc (GOOG.O: Quote,
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Profile, Research) known as Google Apps. *

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