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Three Chinese Ministries Promote UOF Office Software

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| Ren predicts that the UOF standard will be promoted in at least six
| ministries in China by the end of 2008 and then might become compulsory among
| other Chinese entities. This should ruffle some feathers at Sun, IBM, and
| Microsoft.


Microsoft's OOXML Corruptions Still Followed by Exclusion of #1 Rival?
Microsoft denies it now, but...

SFLC Analysis of Microsoft's OSP: No Assurance for Developers

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| This is a significant development. The Software Freedom Law Center has now
| published an analysis of Microsoft's Open Specification Promise that it
| attaches to OOXML, and it finds that the promise provides no assurance for
| FOSS developers.
| [...]
| In other words, I read that as saying that Microsoft says you can use it, but
| only in a very limited field of use defined by Microsoft, and only as long as
| you don't use it the way Microsoft knows FOSS developers use code. Like their
| lawyers didn't realize. Hardy har.
| So, if and when Microsoft/Ecma/supporters try to tell you NBs any different,
| now you have this paper to rely upon. Please ask yourselves, if FOSS
| developers can't use OOXML, in what way can it be called a standard? A
| standard Microsoft's number one competition can't safely use?



Loongson Lives: Release of Linux PC with Chinese processor

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| One of the most controversial high-tech projects in Chinese history took a
| respectable step forward this month, with the commercial release of an actual
| shipping PC based on the Loongson 2F processor.


China in anti-monopoly probe of Microsoft

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| China has begun an anti-monopoly investigation into US giant Microsoft and
| several other global software firms, the country's intellectual property
| watchdog said Wednesday.
| The development comes with Microsoft already embroiled in a standoff with the
| top antitrust watchdog in Europe, where officials have long accused the
| software titan of abusing its dominant market power.


Mass SQL Injection Attack Targets Chinese Web Sites

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| Mass SQL injection attacks have increasingly become a security threat. In
| January, tens of thousands of PCs were infected by an automated SQL injection
| attack. That attack exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft's SQL Server.

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