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Open Source Evangelist in the Making

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| THE name Raj Kissu Rajendran may not ring a bell among the local information
| and communications technology fraternity now, but the software engineering
| student of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology could well be a
| household name in the future. With a passion for software programming, he
| recently became one of the first locals to take part in the highly recognised
| Google Summer of Code programme. Izwan Ismail finds out more.
| [...]
| Q: Do you have any idol(s) from the software programming space?
| A: There are two whom I admire a lot: Richard Stallman and Jon Postel.
| Stallman started the free software movement and is author of the GNU General
| Public License, which is the most popular free software licence available
| today.
| I admire Postel because of his work in the area of RFCs (Request for
| Comments). RFC is important as it dictates how the Internet and similar
| networks should work. It's like the bible for people who develop the Internet
| and similar networks.


It's becoming clear that developers now gravitate towards FOSS.


Assessing the Size of the Free Software Movement

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| Did you know that there are at least 32 organizations in 3 continents and 10
| countries? Did you know there are a number of GNU/Linux User Groups - as
| opposed to Linux User Groups? Whether it is hardware, GIS or music, there are
| a variety of organizations closely aligned with the Free Software
| Foundation/GNU Project in purpose and spirit. * *


FSF prepares a new "Libre Planet" campaign

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| In a letter that recently came with Free Software Foundation's Bulletin Peter
| Brown poses an invitation to "help us build Libre planet - a base for free
| software activists and community" going on "your support will help launch
| Libre Planet by August 2007". *


Newest FSF board member Hill discusses free software goals

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| Best known for his many roles in Debian, Hill is also a member of the Ubuntu
| Community Council, an advisor to One Laptop Per Child, a director of Software
| Freedom International, and the originator of several free software
| projects -- to say nothing of an active voice for the Free Culture Movement,
| and the occasional organizer of such activities as last fall's iPod
| Liberation Event in Cambridge, Mass. Hill recently took on his largest
| challenge yet as the youngest director on the Free Software Foundation's
| board of directors. * * *

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