Mark Kent espoused:
> In today's digest, we have:

* Linux-based Acer Laptop Gets 5/5, Windows-based Eee Just 3/5
* Ubuntu Linux Can Penetrate Windows Eee PCs via SD Cards
* 4 New GNU/Linux Distributions Released: Untangle, LinuxConsole,
GolibnX, Elive
* KDE4 and GNOME 3 Both Face Stubborn Resistance to Change
* GIMP is Very Powerful (Pictures)
* Graphics Plans for the Next Ubuntu Linux, Mandriva 2009
* Where Goodwill and Free Software Make Better Products
* A Tour of KDE Audio/Video Players, Best Applications
* Review of Draco GNU/Linux 0.3.0
* Review of Myah OS 3.0 (GNU/Linux)
* Making Linux More Like OS X and OS X More Like Linux
* PCLinuxOS Releases This Month's Magazine
* GNU Hackers Meeting, Free Culture Conference Take Place
* IBM on Patents: Need a Machine or Apparatus
* [Rival] Op-Ed: Microsoft CEO Should Just STFU
* [Rival] Microsoft Rejected Again Amid Proxy Fight
* Op-Ed: Microsoft OOXML a Dead Debate, OOXML Lost
* [Rival] "Everything Windows!" MCSE's a Threat to Technological

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