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> In today's digest, we have:

* The Case for KDE4
* Azingo Linux-based Phones to Come to India
* GNU/Linux Needs to Beat Apple, Windows a 'Zombie Platform'
* Wolvix GNU/Linux Gets New Web Site
* Lotus Notes Runs on GNU/Linux and Works Well
* BECTAsoft Takes the Role of Microsoft's B****
* SliTaz Linux Reviewed, Addresses a Niche
* FSF Launches a Campaign Against the Orwellian ACTA
* [Rival] Disinformation + Malware, Courtesy of Windows Botnets
* [Rival] National Propaganda Figure: Yahoo/Microsoft Not Likely
* [Rival] Looks of Shiny Gadgets Can be Deceiving
* "The most powerful handheld in the world" runs Linux, and
* Wine Reaches 1.1.1, GNU/Linux Runs in Windows
* Industrial Linux PC from Korenix Wins Award
* Another Push for GNU/Linux Australian Schools
* New Media Server Runs Fedora Linux, FreeIPA Debuts
* Linux a Hot Skill in South Africa
* KDE4 Productivity and Eye Candy Previews
* KDE and GNOME Get Closer, Co-locate
* Amarok 2.0 Approaches Release
* GNU/Linux is Lacking... Kill Switches
* New Eye Candy in Compiz Adds Depth features
* Screenshots from the New Alpha of Ubuntu 8.10
* Short Raves About Sabayon 3.5, ELive on Old PC
* Mandriva Linux Popular in Nicaragua
* Fermi Labs' own Linux, Migrating Small Businesses to GNU/Linux
* Comprehensive Review of the Latest Linux Mint (Elyssa)
* Firefox 3.1 and Firefox Mobile to Comes Within Months
* Google Talks About Its Linux Phones, 1,700 Developers
* FOSS Company Nets $7,000,000
* United Kingdom Worse at Free (Libre) Software
* Comparing New Zealand Free Software Attitude to the US
* Microsoft CEO Still Hates Freedom... Software
* Google ad Facebook Cough Out Source Code
* ISO Inconsistent, Broken by Microsoft's OOXML Corruptions
* Editor Joe Barr is dead

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