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Indamixx Linux Portable Pro Audio Computer Mobile Digital Audio Workstation

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| The Indamixx touchscreen allows hands-on fader control with group-based
| automation in the Ardour DAW, as well as beat mixing and pitch adjustment in
| Mixxx, the digital DJ application.



Whatever Happened To The Origami?

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| Ultimately Origami is a classic example of how a viral buzz can
| work against a product release. Expectations were too high and the
| final product was puzzling and didn't fulfill any specific consumer
| demand. By the time the systems were actually released the hype had
| died down and there was practically zero consumer awareness. I've
| actually considered the possibility that the viral Origami campaign
| was a warm-up for the Zune campaign that followed later in the summer.


Apple Cozies Up To Intel

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| "Mini-notebooks," which include the hardback-book sized UMPC standard
| engineered by Intel and Microsoft (and manufactured by Samsung, OQO and
| Asus), sold fewer than 350,000 units worldwide in 2007, according to IDC
| data. *


Original 'Origami' team moves to a new secret project

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| This "secret project" could be nothing more than a lot of hype --
| as was the "Origami Project" (which morphed into the
| less-than-well-received Ultramobile PCs).


Has Intel Given up on the UMPC as a Mass Market Device?

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| I remember being struck by the idea that the device didn't quite know if
| it was a business or consumer tool, and at more than $1000, I couldn't
| see many people running out to buy one. Seems I was right (nice to be
| right once in a while). According to Gruener's article, Intel has
| decided to scrap the UMPC (or at least send it to the niche market
| pile) in favor a new mass-market device it's dubbing the Mobile
| Internet Device or MID (because we couldn't do this without
| another acronym).


Linux-powered Mobile Internet Device video walkthrough

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| The finalized product could obviously change ever-so-sightly between
| now and then, but regardless, be sure to click on through for an
| in-action look at Intel's Linux-based MID, and try not to become
| too envious, capiche?


The UMPC dies. And no one notices.

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| If Intel has its way, then what once was the mass market UMPC will
| morph into much smaller and less powerful "mobile Internet devices,"
| hort "MID".
| [...]
| There must have been a slight disconnect between Microsoft's
| marketing strategists and hardware and product designers.
| Neither the first nor the second generation of UMPCs came
| close to the expectations the initial marketing created.


UMPC News : New Linux distro for MIDs to be launched in May. Redflag
Mid Linux

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| The new distro will have a 500MB footprint, will support
| power-saving features, boot time is shown as 18 seconds on
| one of the slides.

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