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PC vendors want to sell you desktop Linux

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| Dell is not a charity. If people weren't buying desktop Linux, they wouldn't
| be selling it. And, if more people weren't asking for it, they wouldn't be
| offering it on more systems.


Dell looks ahead.


Ubuntu Chief: OEMs Turning to Us for Netbook OS

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| Is anyone paying attention in Redmond?
| Adds Shuttleworth: "The aim was to do something very simple that could be
| tested easily, work with touch devices and made shippable very quickly. It
| also needed to be efficient on lower-power devices, and work well with Intel
| hardware, which seems to be the preferred platform for this generation of
| devices and allows us to slip a few nice effects in that would be hard
| without the right hardware support."


Linux success on UMPCs nudges Microsoft’s XP strategy

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| To that point, Ubuntu is releasing a UMPC-only version of Ubuntu 8.04 called
| Ubuntu Netbook Remix for Intel Atom-based netbooks and UMPCs. Because many
| current users of Linux-powered UMPCs may not even know they’re using open
| source, the hope is that more obvious “branding” will result in more people
| willing to run Linux on their primary PCs.


The year of the Linux … Mini Laptop!

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| Linux is making great strides in the consumer market lately. Although there
| had been forays by different companies before, when Dell came out with their
| Linux line, it was clear that Linux for the general consumer had arrived.
| Since then, other companies have followed suit, like Lenovo, and even
| Wallmart. But there is one product that seems to have really accelerated this
| trend and has managed to open a whole new class of products. This is the
| little tiny Linux laptop named the Eee PC.

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