"DFS" stated in post
3ebhk.5208$dP6.4225@bignews1.bellsouth.net on 7/21/08 7:07 PM:

> This is what Linux "advocacy" often looks like on cola... foul-mouthed
> lusers running around in diapers....
> ==================================================
> (p)Rick: "**** you, you lying bitch."
> (p)Rick: "Eat **** and die, bitch."
> (p)Rick: "Bigot bitch"
> (p)Rick: "You are such a dishonest, bigoted bitch"
> (p)Rick: "I see you're still a one note bitch. "
> (p)Rick: "The only bitch around here is you"
> (p)Rick: "You must be a disgusting, lying, bitch."
> (p)Rick: "You show your dishonesty bitch fish"

And, at least when he directs his potty mouth toward me, Rick *never* backs
up his claims.

He cannot.

I quote him and he calls me a liar for doing so. Amazing.

"Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It's about saying NO to
all but the most crucial features." -- Steve Jobs