I had another kernel crash/hang while copying some files. This time I got
some BUG messages (as happens about half the time). This was done with the
target filesystem mounted "nosync". After rebooting, I repeated the copying
with the filesystem mouned "sync" and it running fine now (but very slow as

This is the kind of crash that had me explore doing memory consumption that
led me to that long bash echo command I posted in another thread. But this
is more the real problem that just occaisionally happens.

Here is a photo of the screen, since I could not capture it directly due to
the kernel being frozen:


Sorry about some of the stack data being cut off in the picture. The kernel
version is

Any ideas on narrowing down where the bug is happening? It looks to me like
something took a stray branch to 0. Any suggestions on kernel config options
to try? I can try 2.6.26 if you think it might help (any reason to believe
this is a know bug just getting fixed in 2.6.26?).

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