It's really, really paining me to watch the beating that the openmoko
project is currently taking. I've been majorly into this idea for some time
now, about half way through '07.

Sadly, it looks like the openmoko team has set the effort back a fair ways.
It's been released before it was ready and Dave Fayram has pointed that out.
I thought Dave gave a reasonably fair assesment. He doesn't seem to have
spent much time with the manual, but most users don't. His review has
unfortunately been leapt upon by every Apple fanboy out there and it's
gaining a life of it's own.

Frankly, it seems that it's been mismanaged by FIC. There has been a fair
amount of disgruntlement coming from the developers working for the company.
The fact that they switched from the original GTK platoform to the qtopia
stack at the eleventh hour smacked of desperation.

The latest linux based "XYZ killer" that's destined for the digital scrap

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