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Ubuntu VS Other Linux Distributions

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| If you log into the command line of both an Ubuntu system and a Red Hat
| Enterprise
| Linux or Fedora system, very little will look different. There are common
| directories and utilities between the two, and functionality is fundamentally
| the same. So what makes Ubuntu different from other Linux distributions? One
| difference is the installer.
| The complexity of booting and installing Ubuntu has been narrowed down to a
| handful of mouse clicks, making many of the install decisions automatic based
| on assumptions as to what the average user may need and want. In contrast, a
| Red Hat system presents the user with many install options, such as setting
| up a workstation or server, individually selecting packages to install, and
| setting administrative options.


Ubuntu advantages

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| There are some advantages to running Ubuntu I can think of:
| * apt-get
| * six month release cycles
| * at a very low cost
| * deep access to the process that creates Ubuntu
| * a large community with an established etiquette



Battle Royale: Ubuntu 8.04 vs. openSUSE 11

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| In my own choice of categories and tests, and in my own judgment alone,
| Ubuntu 8.04 has beaten openSUSE 11 but only by a very slim margin. It only
| shows that openSUSE is worthy to be called the second most popular Linux
| distribution at the moment, and Ubuntu is still the cream of the crop.



Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 vs OSX Leopard - Comparison

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| Getting Ubuntu is easy, installing it was also a breeze ever since version
| 7.04. As outlined in my PART 1 review of the process briefly here in my video
| tutorial. I recommend you download the CD Installer and create a bootable
| installation CD. The minimum memory requirement for Ubuntu 7.10 is 384MB of
| memory and 4Gigs of space (for OS X Leopard its 512MB of memory and 9 gigs of
| space). What I was initially surprised of is the built in support for dual
| boot (OS X Leopard has Boot Camp) I had Windows XP already installed and
| Ubuntu allowed me during installation to setup partions and allocate space
| for the new OS to be installed keeping my Windows (XP or Vista) installation
| intact, and at the same time created the boot manager (aka Grub Boot Manager)
| which allows you to select the operating system on bootup.


Review: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon takes on Mac OS X Leopard for the OS of the Year

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| Today we have a technological cage match involving two operating systems,
| both UNIX- based, both mature, both with passionate detractors and even more
| passionate defenders, and both released just a week apart. I'm talking, of
| course, about Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), with its final release on October
| 18, and Apple' s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, which was available for purchase on
| October 26.

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