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Draft European Interoperability Framework v 2.0: Your comments needed

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| In my opinion, it is very important that Europeans who are interested in open
| standards and interoperability look at, comment, and, if appropriate, express
| their support for this draft or portions thereof.
| Through the grapevine I have heard that the usual suspects who oppose open
| standards and support the “buy all your products from a single vendor and use
| the specifications they dictate” philosophy of interoperability plan to come
| out against portions of this draft.
| Do not let their voices drown out yours if this is important to you. You have
| a little bit more than two months in which to comment. Encourage others to do
| so as well.


Peer to Patent Project Extended and Expanded - Mark Webbink Exec. Dir. of New

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| I'm very happy to tell you that it's just been announced that the
| Peer-to-Patent project, which is a cooperative project between New York Law
| School and the USPTO, has been extended after the first year's trial. It's
| also been expanded to include business methods patents! Yum. I can't wait to
| see you try to invalidate some of those.



New Patent Applications Up For Public Review on Peer to Patent - One From MS

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| A system for selling media clips in an offline economy. Catchy. Well,
| Microsoft always did grok the Internet. Snark.
| At last! The iTunes killer. I surely hope you guys can deep six this one with
| prior art. Although, I must admit I find it appealing to think of a world
| where Microsoft and Hollywood hopped off the Internet and played in their own
| separate offline playground.


Peer-to-Patent site reviews patents from Microsoft, IBM, and Intel

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