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12 Web Browsers for Linux - Review

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| Konqueror
| Using the KHTML engine for displaying web pages, Konqueror is the well-known
| browser (and not only) for KDE. Although not as powerful at displaying pages
| as Firefox, Konqueror uses less resources, it has very good KDE integration,
| allows previewing of audio, video and image files, it integrates well with
| KGet, a powerful download manager, it supports plugins, it offers
| spell-checking, and it's highly configurable.


New tab switching added for Firefox 3.1

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| Press Ctrl + Tab (or Shift + Ctrl + Tab) and you are presented with tab
| thumbnails and titles with the most recently visited ones first so you can
| more easily determine which tab you want to go, have the one you most
| probably want to go closer, and as a result get to it faster. Hold Ctrl
| pressed and keep pressing Tab to see the thumbnails smoothly scroll to the
| left while the status bar displays the tab web address.



Firefox is King

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| Mozilla Firefox is now the king of all browsers. --At least based on the web
| traffic data gathered from junauza.com and from a popular tech blog by known
| Windows Vista fanboy user Jeff Atwood. Firefox tops all other web browsers
| and most importantly kicked its archrival Internet Explorer out of the
| highest position.


Is Linux Getting the Shaft?

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| So I went and looked. Here is the description of the database used by the
| Market Share service that everyone seems to rely on:
| We collect data from the browsers of site visitors to our exclusive
| on-demand network of live stats customers. The data is compiled from
| approximately 160 million visitors per month. The information published
| is an aggregate of the data from this network of hosted website
| statistics. The site unique visitor and referral information is
| summarized on a monthly basis.
| WTF?
| Is this supposed to be some kind of unbiased sample? But wait, there's
| more...
| [...]
| The complexity of this problem is actually rather large. But I can tell you
| one thing: If you were my graduate student and you came to me with this
| sampling strategy, I'd send you back to kindergarten. (If I had that power.)

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