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3G a priority for next Ubuntu

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| Mobile connections and faster boot times are the top priorities for the
| release of Ubuntu 8.10
| With the release of Ubuntu Linux 8.10, codenamed Intrepid Ibex, just a few
| months away the development team has released details of the most pressing
| issues for the final release. Among these are better 3G integration, tighter
| Firefox integration in KDE, and faster boot times.


Shuttleworth: "Apple is driving the innovation"

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| Rather than saying: "GNOME wins, KDE looses" I'd like us to say: "How can we
| get this communities to sit down and talk to each other"? We really need to
| have both, stable release cycles and the ability to evolve quickly and make
| big leaps like KDE4.
| I'm very interested in finding out, how to get those two communities working
| closer together, how to get more collaboration, more sharing. Both at the
| level of technology but also at the level of best practices / processes.
| derStandard.at: Talking to Nokia, it seems like they are interested in
| pushing this as well.
| Shuttleworth: Well they just acquired Trolltech, so it makes sense for them.
| A lot is going to depend on what Nokia is going to do from a licensing point
| of view. And separately what GNOME is going to do if Nokia makes the
| QT-licenses effectively compatible with the GNOME vision, can they embrace QT
| as a platform?



[Maemo:] Qt to be supported in addition to GTK+

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| Nokia will introduce Qt to the maemo platform in addition to GTK+. The plan
| is in the earliest stage and recruitment offers for Qt/C++ developers will
| pop up soon. Don't expect any Qt application developed by Nokia for the
| tablets anytime soon, though. The first actual step will be the distribution
| of the Qt libraries for application development in maemo.org during 4Q2008.


Qt 4.4 C++ framework with web support

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| Qt 4.4 incorporates the WebKit web browser engine developed by KDE as a
| module called QtWebKit. The new multimedia framework is also based on a KDE
| project, Phonon.

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