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Which platform: Cathedral or open source?

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| "Bazaar," or open source software, is created more independently. Building
| upon a basic kernel, independent developers improve functionality or fix bugs
| as they see a need. It's basically crowdsourcing for software. Well-known
| examples include Linux and Apache. But not Firefox or Eclipse -- while many
| people assume that they follow the Bazaar model, there's more to it than
| that, as we'll shortly see.



Ubuntu creator wants to squash 'upstream' bugs

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| The founder of the Ubuntu open-source operating system, Mark Shuttleworth,
| has called for Ubuntu developers to fix all software flaws found in the
| operating system, including, crucially, those in inherited source code.
| Shuttleworth, who runs Ubuntu's commercial arm, Canonical, said that most
| users expect developers of open-source distributions to fix bugs affecting
| the operating systems, even if the flaws were introduced in groups of files
| developed by other coders. Such groups of files are often referred to
| as 'upstream' source code.



Shuttleworth Acknowledges Ubuntu’s Debt to Debian

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| Historically, Debian users have shown a fair amount of jealousy towards
| Ubuntu. Martin F. Krafft, aka madduck, a well-known Debian developer, summed
| the reasons for these feelings in his analysis piece Ubuntu and Debian in May
| 2006.
| According to Krafft, there are several major friction points between the two
| prominent Linux distributions. For example Debian “developers are largely
| unsatisfied with how Canonical/Ubuntu cooperates and ‘gives back’ to the
| Debian community. This, in turn, has lead to the “perception that
| Canonical/Ubuntu is taking advantage of Debian.”


Diary of a bug (and fix!) for the XO laptop

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| With this kind of transparency, kids can really learn what it takes to make
| computers work. And they can see the value of being involved with the
| process, which is the first step to true self-sufficiency!

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