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Linux Thin Client:Considering the Network

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| In this article, we see that though the complexity of networking cannot be
| stated strongly enough, it is important to design a rock-solid and stable
| network before your deployment begins. Follow standard methods and designs
| and work with your hardware vendors to make the best possible use of their
| equipment. Once you plug the thin client in the wall, you will be excited at
| the things to come and will be ready to configure the application servers.


It's another area where Microsoft is dumping (dropping margins) to remain
relevant. Fortunately, sales of Windows declines 24% in the last quarter and
profits declined too (probably the margin issue, but Microsoft chose to blame
copyrights infringement).


The Skinny on Linux for Thin Client Computing

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| "Linux makes sense in thin-client computing for a number of reasons. First,
| when you're cutting costs on the hardware and resources required for thin
| clients, you probably don't want to see savings eaten up by licensing costs
| for the [operating system]. Linux is free and now supports almost all of the
| user applications required in typical settings," said Jay Lyman, an analyst
| with The 451 Group.


LTSP 5 - Making Thin Clients Phat

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| Getting started with thin clients is quite simple. LTSP version 5 is already
| integrated into Fedora9, AltLinux, openSUSE-Edu, Debian, Ubuntu, and almost
| into Gentoo. If you are using a different distro, just drop on over to
| www.ltsp.org and pick up a copy to install yourself.


Little thin client runs Linux

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| The Italian firm CompuMaster has introduced a compact thin client that runs
| Linux. The "Praim Ino" can be mounted on the back of a monitor, draws just
| six Watts, and comes with a variety of client software, the company says.



Mini mountable thin client runs Linux

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| BosaNova has added a low-power, compact, mountable model to its
| line of x86-architecture thin clients. Based on an AMD LX800
| processor, and with optional WiFi, the one-pound design is
| available with Linux as the RBT-802, or as the RBT-820 with Windows CE.


Is Linux Worth the Effort?

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| I've spent the better part of the past 2 weeks banging away on 2 LTSP servers
| for our school district. I find myself lamenting to those around me, and
| being an otherwise cranky guy as well. This morning it dawned on me that
| people probably think I'm having such a hard time because I'm using Linux
| instead of the "norm" -- but that's just not the case. * *
| Tomorrow morning, about 1200 people are going to log into thin clients strewn
| around the school district here in northern Michigan. I am using K12LTSP as
| my distribution, because the support is incredible, and it's designed for
| schools. The problem for me, however, is that Linux is so darn powerful, my
| users are overwhelmed by it. * *
| [...]
| Is it all worth it? Oh, heck yeah. Instead of managing 250 workstations, I'll
| be managing 2. I like that kind of math. There are still a couple hundred
| Macintosh computers, and handfuls of Windows PCs -- but I'd like not to think
| about those for a bit, and bask in my thin client glory. *


New thin client series runs Linux

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| Acropolis updated its Linux-based thin-client OS earlier this month.
| Its NLX (New LinuX) 5 OS is based on Debian, and is available on an
| IDE flash plug-in module suitable for turning old PCs into modern
| thin clients.


World's lowest cost Linux thin client?

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| Bangkok-based Norhtec has unveiled a sub-$85 mini-PC claimed to be the most
| affordable Linux thin client system to date. The "ultra-low-power"
| MicroClient JrSX is based on a 300MHz x86-compatible SoC (system-on-chip) and
| includes both CompactFlash and 2.5-inch hard drive storage options, along
| with 10/100Mbps Ethernet networking.


GNU/Linux thin-clients

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| I've been looking for a good GNU/Linux thin-client for my employer,
| a school district in the US. We have scores of aging desktops
| (primarily Intel PII 350 MHz and PIII 800 MHz systems) and looking
| more into the mobile arena for most computing needs.


Vista Aiding Linux Desktop, Strategist Says *

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| For example, a number of companies have moved back to Windows XP after
| deploying Vista, Crawford said, before quoting Scott Granneman, an author, *
| entrepreneur and adjunct professor at Washington University in St. Louis, as
| saying, "To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your
| Windows box, you just have to work on it." *

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