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The Dragon Roars: Myah OS 3.0 KDE Edition Review

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| In the week or so I have had Dragon running, it has never faltered – no bugs
| in the software, no crashes or freezes – so Myah OS scores highly in terms of
| system stability.
| I am finding it hard to find something major to criticise in Dragon.



Myah OS 3.0 Dragon

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| For all current fans of Myah OS and all those soon to be, we give you Myah OS
| 3.0 Dragon. Dragon is the code name for Myah OS built around the KDE 3
| desktop. We chose KDE 3.5.9 since it's still considered the most stable and
| best supported version of KDE.


Myah OS 3.0 Box

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| Myah OS 3.0 Box is now available. This is a complete Linux solution built
| around the Light X11 Desktop Environment. The LXDE desktop is designed to be
| the smallest, fastest and yet fully functional desktop for *Nix systems.


Myah OS 3.0 Mouse Pro Released

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| The long awaited Myah OS 3.0 is here. 3.0 has been in development since 2006
| right after the release of version 2.3. Being completely development from the
| source up has been quite an undertaking. The initial release is the flagship
| of the Myah OS range dubbed Mouse Pro. This name is due to the fact that it's
| built around the XFCE 4.4 desktop, and comes with a complete development
| environment.


MyahOS 3.0 Tech Demo 1

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| Toward the end of last week the first tech demo for the upcoming
| MyahOS 3.0 was released. The Myah 3.0 Tech Demo 1 LiveCD is
| optimized for i686 systems and is built using the Linux-Live
| scripts and has a lot of new packages including the Linux
| kernel, GCC 4.1.2, X.Org 7.2, and Xfce 4.4.


MyahOS 2.3 -- Don't let the cute clouds fool you

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| Not too long ago, I got a posting on knolinux asking me to take a look
| at a distro called Myah OS, that typically is pretty close to the bottom
| of the top 100.


Myah OS 3 Tech Demo 1

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| Myah OS is no longer based or related to any existing linux system.
| All packages have been compiled by me from build scripts I have
| written.

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