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Distinctively Draco

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| Draco GNU/Linux is a unique Linux distribution based on Slackware but with a
| package management system created by NetBSD. It is currently developed by
| Norwegian Ole Andre Rodlie with a main aim of creating a lightweight and
| simple desktop operating system.
| Draco GNU/Linux 0.3.0, the latest stable version, was released last April
| and | is available for download either as a minimal base system, or as a full
| desk top edition with an installation CD utilizing Xfce and Fluxbox as window
| managers. I got the desktop edition just recently and was very excited to
| test it since it’s my first time using Draco. I loaded it on VMWare using my
| backup computer (see tech specs below).



First look at Draco GNU/Linux 0.3

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| Draco GNU/Linux is an interesting system. Once based on Slackware, it could
| be described as a Linux system using NetBSD package management. Version 0.3.0
| was released last week and I realized I'd never tested it before, so I
| figured it was about time. Draco is offered in two install images: the 232 MB
| minimal system and a 596 MB desktop system. I chose the desktop edition. * *


Draco GNU/Linux 0.3.0

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| Introducing Draco GNU/Linux 0.3.0. Featuring kernel 2.6.23 (with optional
| 2.6.16), Glibc 2.6.1, GCC 4.1.2, and OSS 4.0. Selected packages from pkgsrc
| is available through the repo and on ISO. *
| This release also introduces Draco Desktop. Draco Desktop contains the latest
| stable Draco release, bundled with software from the latest pkgsrc branch.
| Draco Desktop defaults to XFCE, with Fluxbox as an option. *

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