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Beyond the Rumors of KDE 4.1's Folder View

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| However, like many of the concerns about the latest releases of KDE, these
| rumors have more to do with misleading media reports and users' fear of
| change than any reality. Behind the rumors, the truth is a new feature called
| Folder View, which, far from overturning established desktops, enhances them
| in a number of useful ways.
| The rumors started because Aaron Seigo announced Folder View with a blog
| entry entitled "no more desktop icons in 4.1." Seigo immediately followed the
| title with "Now that I have your attention with that title," adding a smiley
| to show that he was joking.


Resistance to change also in GNOME:

Sunday 13-07-2008: Please stop this GNOME Tabs Stupidity

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| I really hope this GNOME 3.0 Tabs “mania” is a prank, because it just seems
| so, sooooo stupid.


So tabs are bad now!?!?! And even icons in a containment on the desktop too
difficult to grasp?


Still not convinced the world is flattening?

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| "The governments of countries around the world like India, Brazil,
| South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia and China have either started to adopt
| or feel the need for specific policies on OSS."
| I got to thinking that it is almost a shame that the governments of
| third world countries are so willing to try new and revolutionary ideas
| based on sheer need and yet we are so unwilling. Why is it that so much
| time and effort is being spent on developing Linux and open source for
| the third world and not here? Simple answer!
| They want it. They need it.
| We resist it.
| Of course I don't mean all of us, but it is remarkable how much we
| resist change, let alone a revolution of operating system. If you've
| been following my blog at all, you'll see that I have embarked on a
| journey to resurrect old computers for use in my classroom because I
| can't seem to get any new ones. A familiar problem? Tragically. But I'm
| not complaining. I am doing more with these old machines than most folks
| do with an entire lab!

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