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- From the Middle English Phrase "God Be With Ye"

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| Since then, my relationship with Linux has become oddly... personal. That may
| seem weird, but six years of covering such an interesting technology created
| and supported by this really unique band of characters has led me from being
| an interested observer to an advocating participant.
| [...]
| Beginning Monday, I will begin my role as community manager for the Linux
| Developer Network for the Linux Foundation. In that position, I will begin by
| helping to re-launch the LDN effort, turning that site in what should become
| the premier development and technical resource for anyone interested in
| coding for Linux. The Network will feature in-depth technical articles, white
| papers, community forums, and wiki-based content that will provide the most
| up-to-date information about the technology behind Linux.



CollabSummit Videos: Communities within Communities

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| A few weeks ago we posted video from the first day of our Linux Foundation
| Collaboration Summit as well as a dozen personal interviews with interesting
| folks who attended. (And believe me left out so many interesting people it’s
| painful to think about.) I’ve just been catching up on the personal ones,
| most of which taught me something new.
| As I watched and/or listened it struck me how many communities within
| communities were represented at the Summit. When we created the event our
| mission was to bring members of the Linux ecosystem together who normally
| don’t collaborate enough, but who should. Developers tend to talk to
| developers, industry talks to industry, end users yell at their vendors, but
| often don’t get to talk to the “community.” So far it seems to have been
| moderately successful. [Sometimes I struggle writing about community since it
| can mean so many things to so many people. Just as Eskimos have a dozen
| different words for “snow,” we need more words to describe “community.”]


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