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UMPCs and Linux: made for each other, and coming soon

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| A host of other vendors, most notably Dell, plan to release Linux-powered
| UMPCs this summer. Sources close to Dell confirm that its will be releasing
| two "Dell E" systems that will use Ubuntu 8.04. The first Atom-powered model
| is aimed at the growing UMPC market with a price point around $300.
| The Dell E Slim, however, seems to be targeting the MacBook Air high-end
| laptop market. Sources say that this luxury UMPC will be just 0.8 inches
| thick but will include a 12.1-inch display, a choice between the 1.3 or
| 1.6GHz Atom processors, an 8GB SSD or a 40GB hard drive, 1GB to 2GB of RAM,
| 802.11g and n Wi-Fi, and mobile WiMAX support.
| Officially, Dell has no word on these plans. Come August, about the same time
| the other Atom-powered Linux UMPCs actually arrive, you can expect to see
| Dell Ubuntu Linux-powered UMPCs on sale.


Linux-ready probes support networking multi-cores

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| Octeon and Octeon Plus are both supported with Cavium's software development
| kit (SDK), which is based on SMP Linux 2.6 distributions from MontaVista or
| Wind River. The SDK includes the GNU Toolchain, debugger tools, co-processor
| acceleration APIs, and reference software.



Why Linux won the embedded market?

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| One story not told often enough involves Linux’ growing domination of the
| embedded market.
| In this space Linux usually stacks up against older Real Time Operating
| Systems (RTOS). The decision by Wind River, the largest RTOS vendor, to
| migrate toward Linux was a turning point.
| There has been no turning back. But this is not an open source story. In
| fact, the embedded Linux business looks a lot like the rest of the embedded
| market.


Microsoft Worried Over Linux Dominance In Embedded Space

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| Renames its family of products to target the embedded market.


Who's afraid of embedded Linux? Microsoft

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| ...Microsoft is fighting a losing battle here. It's like gravity.
| Eventually you just stop fighting and learn to accept it. Even Microsoft.


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